Things I am not.  

DraventheDomme 54F
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4/4/2006 7:21 am

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4/8/2006 9:44 pm

Things I am not.

I really dislike saying negative things, even when they arent bad. Its a thing, is all.
This is a short list to let others get clearer on a few things.
I am NOT
looking to be married
seeking a partner
seeking a boyfriend
available for just a drink(unless you pay my tribute)
into cyber
into toilet games
into blood
into intercourse(you can get laid anywhere)
playing games
not a psycho
a child
So, these are just a few things I am not.Feel free to reply,question and smart off as desired.

bardicman 51M

4/4/2006 10:02 am

I can get laid anywhere?

Hmm, I guess I am nowhere then

Actually I think I am too picky but then again that is me.

I am not dead yet

FunTrouble4u2 55M

4/4/2006 3:31 pm

I am rather curious. Not sure what about. Definitely you have intrigued me.

bigknob1958 54M

4/5/2006 6:46 am


DraventheDomme 54F

4/6/2006 8:45 am

bardicman, no,picky is good, very good,I feel.its just that if that were all one wanted, thats rather easier to find, yes?than something more specific,like bdsm play with an attractive Domme. still, just getting laid isn't at all a bad thing,lol.
FunTrouble4u2, thank you. I really like to get people thinking about things. get the ahem, juices flowing(S).
bigknob1958, you are far too kind, dear.As I said, I really prefer to stay in a positive state of mind in these entries,or at least amusingly irate if I must rant.Saying no-no is stifling to intelligent by play, it seems to me.It even stops good flirting and thats really my goal,lol.good flirting, I mean!

smrtguy1000 58M
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4/6/2006 4:33 pm

Flirting is fun but all the no-no's are a litlle stifling and restrictive but hell your a bi-sexual or lesbian domme. I guess stifling and restrictive is the deal. Too bad I need need wide open spaces and blue skys. But it's always interesting to seek the closet for introspection from time to time. I dunno. If you need nothing basically you must meet Maslow's hierarchy completly. No one is ever complete totally. There are always needs and wants. Nowadays wants mainly. How about telling us what you are instead of what you aren't? Positive? I hope so.

DraventheDomme 54F

4/8/2006 9:44 pm

smrtguy, interesting observations. thank you.stay tuned for further stuff,lol.

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