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7/10/2006 10:16 pm

by Kree
listening to the sound of your breathing,
as the cold steel of the knife touches your skin.
scraping the blade across your trembling breast,
whispering a stern command, " Be still!".
watching your eyes widen and glisten,
as the silvery sheen flashes in the candle's glow.
sliding the edge down the softness of your stomach,
cutting your thong, exposing the wetness below.
wrapping the blade, with a piece of leather,
holding the wrapped blade gently in my hand.
parting your lips with carved length of handle,
smiling as your hips rise, wanting its touch.
pushing gently, the handle tip parting your lips,
making its way slowly into the warm wetness.
moving the handle with slow sensuous movements,
exploring the depths my hands have come to know.
pressing down on the blade, raising the handle,
finding the spot inside that will make you fly.
carefully holding the blade to protect you,
as the handle becomes one with your soul.
gripping the blade holding it firmly in place,
as the handle massages you with its embrace.
hearing you scream as sensations overwhelm you,
pleased at the trust that allows such pleasure.
watching carefully as you enter your space,
floating on the serenity of orgasm's bliss.
sliding the knife handle from inside you,
knowing the work of the blade now begins.
heating the tip of the blade in the candle,
rubbing your thigh with the alcohol swab.
carefully spreading the skin with my fingers,
carving the "M" we have agreed you will wear.
caressing you, feeling the ripples run through you,
the intensity of the moment frozen in our minds.

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