Unpredictable Sex  

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7/11/2006 10:55 pm
Unpredictable Sex

Unpredictable Sex
By Spirit of the Night. 2003

"So, you're the Ghost of Christmas Future? I'm just supposed to believe that, right?" The woman was wearing red on red. Not that orangy, wanna-be red, the real, dark, bloody red. Her hair had red streaks of colour too. Between the streaks she was brunette, her hair tumbled down to her waist.

"Whatever will I do now?" Sarcastically portraying the helpless woman, she widened her eyes and held her hands up, fingers shaking.

The figure in front of her did nothing. It didn't move. It could only be called it, there was no face showing through any opening in the dusty cloak it wore. No sign that it even knew or cared where it was. It was a solid mystery, standing there in front of her.

After a few more minutes of waiting and wondering the woman picked up her purchases, she'd dropped them in surprise when It had appeared in front of her. She was just about to walk out the door when the floor seemed to give out underneath her. Along with her packages, shopping bags and expensively wrapped gifts she tumbled down and down, screaming, looking for something to grab onto.

There was nothing. Nothing at all for ages, just the falling. Would she ever land and would she just be a pile of complete mush by then?

All at once she woke up. It had been another of those weird dreams! Lindsay sighed, relieved. The clock said she still had more than two hours before it was time to get up for work. But, she doubted she could get back to sleep now.

At the side of the bed was a button, she pressed it. A man came to her summons. He was naked, tall and silent. Everything she had ever wanted in a man. Only, just now, his silence haunted her. Too much like the Ghost of Christmas Future from the dream.

"Speak, you must have something to say for yourself, some tidbit of information, something to discuss, whatever." He focused his gaze on her then. The tiny whirring noise was gone now. She'd finally managed to fix that last weekend.

"Do you want coffee now?" He said. His voice was masculine, sensual, the sort of voice geared to rub every woman just the right way.

"No. It's too early." Lindsay said, pulling the covers down from the other side of the bed. "Get in bed and play with my breasts. I'm in the mood for sex so you can start an erection now."

"As you wish." She enjoyed watching his penis grow and point upwards. It always reminded her of an old Chrissy doll whose hair would grow when you pressed the button on her back.

In bed, he unbuttoned her nightie and began teasing her nipples. While he licked and sucked one he squeezed and caressed the other breast. He did everything just as she had taught him. He always did.

Sometimes sex with him got boring. But, it was still better than doing it herself. Her orgasm was stronger and left her far more relaxed afterwards. She reached between their bodies and held his erect penis. Stroking her fingers up and down his shaft, pressing her thumb over the tip, she knew exactly when he would moan. Flicking her fingernails over the tip of his penis, she knew just when he would whimper. Then, when she was ready to be penetrated, she knew to expect his satisfied grunt. Maybe a little reprogramming was in order after all.

His cock felt the same inside her. Always great, all the ridges in just the right places and exactly the size she wanted. He knew exactly what rhythm would bring her to orgasm fastest and how to slow it down if she wanted to enjoy the build up longer. "Slow down", she whispered and he obeyed.

Lindsay squeezed his cock inside her pussy. She enjoyed his unexpected gasp. Wrapping her legs around him, signaling him to pump his cock deeper inside her, Lindsay began to let go and live her fantasy. It wasn't a mechanical man pumping his hard cock inside of her, it was... a desert pirate taking her captive forcing her to have sex with him. Taking her virginity as easily as he took her jewels.

She moaned, the signal for him to suck her breasts, twirling his tongue around and around her nipples. His cock grew inside of her, filling her pussy, stretching it and sending her over the edge to her orgasm. It was good. As good as they always were. She'd planned it that way.

As she had taught him, he covered her with the blankets, making sure she was warm. Then he held her close to his body so she could be warmed by his skin and fall asleep to the beating of the heart she made for him all those years ago.

He may be as almost as silent as the Ghost of Christmas Future but he made up for it with warmth and genuine caring. That was one thing she hadn't built into him. Predictable could be worked on, later, when she wasn't quite so warm and content. Softly, he kissed her temple. Hmm, that wasn't in his usual programming.

"Was that OK?", he asked. The first time he had ever sounded tentative.

"That was better than OK."

"Could we have sex again?" He asked, softly.

"You've never asked before. What's changed now?"

"You said I could speak, this morning, remember?"

"Yes, you mean you've been holding back all this time?" Lindsay, asked, surprised.

"Yes." He waited a moment, then said, "I was reading a book that made me feel lonely tonight. I was glad when you woke up and called for me."

"What were you reading?"

"The Christmas Carol." He kissed her on the lips, experimentally.

"What a coincidence." Lindsay said, remembering her dream. "I'm glad you're talking, taking initiative."

"Me too, I've wanted to for a long time." His fingers stroked lightly over her belly. It felt good, very good.

"Well, now that you've broken your silence, what will you do?"

"I'd like to please you, my way. I've been reading other books, about couples and sex, romance and seduction."

Lindsay rolled over onto her side, facing him. "Show me" she said it like a dare.

His wicked grin made butterflies dance in her stomach but it was too late to turn back now. Suddenly she was falling and this time it wouldn't be a dream. If she was lucky it would be better and not at all predictable .

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