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7/13/2006 4:59 am
The Hush / Subspace / Save me

The Hush
by alluremnt

When you hold me..
I want to tell you...
so many things..

things that...
are just too
honest and raw...

to speak of tonight.

Tonight.. just take me...
break me...

Don't let me... fall...
Just hold me...

over this fire.. that you..
have created.

Take it all away....
take the blood from
my years...

Take all the hurt and cram
it down my devils throat...

Fill me...
fill me with your touch...
with your scent...

with your venom..

bite me.. make it lethal...

Make me remember....
what it's like to
back to life...

Let me kiss
my angels dark wings..

Let me be yours..
just for tonight....

Take me to the temple.


by kivrin

The touch, like silk, stole conscious thought,
Awareness of people and movement slipped beyond,
The gravity of your will held me in check.
Filling, predatory,
Depth of sight narrowed -
My soul encapsulated in your eyes.
Flames of reality closed within,
Obscuring time and existence.
My being held by threads spun of desire and obedience.


Save me
By flutterbi

Save me
What dreams may come
when I close my eyes?
What peace
Will I find?
Will I walk silently
through the flowers?
or will I fall
into hell?
Will you save me?
Will you push me down?
I float through ages
through times gone past
I enter another world
life explodes in my mind
I feel you
sitting quietly
your waiting
I walk to you,
You extend your hand.
We touch
we walk silently
through the flowers
I have my answer
I am saved tonight.

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