Teach me Master / True Beauty  

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7/20/2006 5:38 am
Teach me Master / True Beauty

Teach me Master
by eliette

teach me Master...
teach me how to dance...
not how to move my body to music...
show me how to dance with wild abandon...
to hear the music in my head..
feel the rhythm within my blood
even when there is no music..
simply the touch of Your hands..
the tone of Your voice...
the will of You to see me dance...

teach me to sing Master
not just how to put words to music...
show me how to express all the wonderful
sensations you create within me
with the singing of my heart...
gentle sighs and moans, gasps of pleasure...
the groans and cries at the delicious pain...

teach me to feel Master
i know how to touch something with my hands..
show me Master how to gauge Your mood
by the pressure of Your hand upon my body...
to feel Your love within the simple stroke of
Your hand through my hair..
to feel the joy of being Yours deep within my heart
and to the depths of my soul....

teach me Master how to please You
not how to simply say the words You wish to hear
but how to be all that You desire of me...
to be Your comfort... Your pleasure..
to take Your mind from distressing thoughts
and make You smile instead...
teach me Master...


True Beauty
by alluremnt

How beautiful you are to me,
with those eyes
that burn like sunshine.

When did you become a part of me?
When did you take my hand...
and lead me into the fire?

That fire... that safe place that can only
happen when two souls ignite,
when a true connection is made

Oh, how did I get here? To this place that
only fantasies have described...
that only you could have led me.

And yet, it is here, that you have found
my true beauty.

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