DragonWycke 64M
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7/26/2006 2:10 pm

by LordStone

I look at you and see all I own
I look at you and see all that is mine
My eyes brighten and I softly moan
My finger traces your cheek with a fine line
My heart races as that soft collar feels my touch
I feel your pulse quicken and hear your deep sighs
I tell you in words and touches how I love you so much
I pull you tighter and feel the trembling of your thighs
I touch your lips with that same finger, oh so light
I step back from you but let my eyes caress you
You never move against your bonds, your body mine without a fight
You look at me quietly, the passion blazing in you too.
I need no bonds or chains to make you mine
They are but pleasures I give to you
Our hearts are the bonds that makes us one
This you give to me and I give to you
Slave to Master, Master to slave
We are but one!

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