Soul Deep  

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7/22/2006 3:21 am
Soul Deep

Soul Deep
by sinamin{R}

There is within the heart of me,
The secrets that i keep;
i store them up inside of me,
In a place i call soul deep.

Within this place where secrets hide,
This place within my soul,
Are parts of me no one had seen,
Hiding was my goal.

Then one day i met the Man
That fate to me supplied,
i felt the need to be with him,
Soul deep for him i cried.

He peeked within this soul deep place,
And saw me hidden there;
He beckoned me to open doors,
My soul with him to share.

As i felt his love within,
And gazed into his eyes,
i handed him my secret key,
Inviting him inside.

And so into my secret place
My Master slowly came,
And what he found inside of me,
He very aptly named.

He saw the slave within my soul,
Before i was aware;
He knew within this place so deep,
The truth was buried there.

i was afraid at first to let
This hidden part of me,
Be free to live and learn to grow,
Developing to be.

My Master gave me confidence,
Encouraging my trust,
Until the need for me to be
Became a focused must.

And now with him i share this place,
The secret part of me,
And show him all the truth inside,
Of whom i’m meant to be.

There is within the heart of me,
The secrets that i keep,
i share them with the man i love
In a place i call soul deep

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