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7/7/2006 11:57 pm

by alexus
I just drifted in from there.
Let me take you back, if I can.
I worry that to each of us this place is different.
I don't want to misrepresent...
There was romance, and seduction.
There was a slow dance of sorts.
Clothes torn and tossed
and sparks in the dark
There was the touching of fingertips, and lips and tongues
and the mingle of sweat and wine
There was music in the background, don't ask me what.
There was the smell of soft leather
and skin.
There was an almost haughty pride on my part
and aggression.
and the show of my white teeth
There was strength from him, and sureness.
There was FIRE.
We clashed together
and ground and melded.
The pain came only later, after the battle
after I felt the carpet in my face
after the depths.
And the pain, what can I tell you about it?
Im high, but Im not flying
be careful
I can give you everything you want
but you cant keep it
I can feel everything
My teeth are grinding
I taste blood
and I can hear nothing now
but my heart.
I see David, with his belt
and when it touches me its like his hand
we connect on a million levels
in an ancient, timeless dance
Im buzzing,
Im roaring
and Im on fire.
and he is watching,
Surely he cant be where I am
even though he brought me here.
He will stroke my hair and wipe my tears
and I know it is somewhere
we have visited together.

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