Punishment / Your Touch  

DragonWycke 64M
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7/20/2006 11:51 pm
Punishment / Your Touch

by alluremnt

He holds me...
and I know it's not you...
yet I feel it....

Nothing that I am
experiencing now..
is anything that we shared..

Yet, when I feel like I'm going
to explode with...
his pleasure...
leave this place ....
that you brought me to...

I feel you...
take over.

Suddenly, I feel myself ask...
to be grabbed...
squeezed with force..
to have my flesh bit...
with his ferocious teeth...

I guess.... because somewhere...
inside me..
This pain... is the only thing..
I have left of you..


Your Touch
By flutterbi

Your words
rip my heart out
your gaze
tears into my soul
your touch
sears me like
hot coal
but still
I long for you
I still beg
for your kiss
for you words
for your touch
would it not
be easier to
cut me to see
if I bleed?
would it not
be less painful
to whip me
until I bruise
and welt?
would it not be
more humane
to just kill me?

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