Male & Female Nipple Piercing  

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8/27/2006 8:48 am
Male & Female Nipple Piercing

Male & Female Nipple Piercing
By Dylan Ap Thuin

Other than ears and noses, the Nipple has got to be the most popular of all body piercings for men, and is fast becoming popular with the ladies, too. The pierced nipple will always be more pronounced afterwards. It will also be more sensitive - (for many men, the nipple is not an erogenous zone - but it quickly becomes one on piercing). Part of its appeal is that it can remain secret, or only revealed to loved ones. Men tend to get just one nipple pierced and women tend to get a pair. One on its own can look too asymmetric for them.

Origin - legend

The Nipple piercing is believed to have been a sign of allegiance and manhood within Caesar's Praetorian Guard. Many Roman statues are shown with pierced nipples, but these could simply be representing a lorica or breastplate. These were either heavy pieces of metal armor, or toughened leather and were often shaped to look like a well muscled torso, and the nipples were pierced with ornamental torcs. There are even rumors suggesting that cloaks were fastened to them. If this is true, they would have been very lightweight ceremonial-ware and not at all functional, (if you don't believe this, try hanging a blanket off one and see how it feels when running). Anyways, it seems to have a very macho image these days.


Not all piercers use an anesthetic, I personally do. N.B. In Britain, it is illegal to inject anesthetic unless you are a registered medical practitioner, but anesthetic sprays are legal and their use is widespread. For men, the experience of the piercing can be quite intense and can lead to an endorphin rush, (for some reason, people in the armed forces seem to get affected the most). Women take it better than men, and many find the experience to be a turn-on rather than a pain. This is primarily due to the obvious difference in anatomy and the fact that the placing is slightly different for women. Their nipples also tend to get abused by their menfolk and the piercing can seem painless in comparison. For men, it is a sharp intense feeling, but like with a tattoo, you only really feel it as the needle goes through. And it goes through very quickly when I do it.

The area is cleaned and marked with an indelible pen. For nipples, both the entry and exit holes are marked. The piercing hurts less if pierced from the outside of your body to the inside. So if your piercer is right handed, as most are, the right nipple will be slightly more painful than the left. The area is then lightly clamped with a triangular-shaped forceps, as opposed to a teardrop.

There are several different piercing methods, never allow anyone to perform this piercing with an ear piercing gun; at best, it will grow out or be shallow and misplaced, and at worst it could completely grow in, become infected and painful and require surgical treatment to remove the unsuitable stud. Believe me - it does happen.

The correct method is with an appropriate gauged hollow needle. By this, I mean one that is slightly thicker than the jewelry to be placed. There are two types of hollow needle: the first is simply a hollow metal sharp; also available are intravenous canula's that have a thin plastic sleeve over them. It is the latter type of needle that I personally use. The needle is guided by hand in one easy motion that will hurt less than a blood test. The piercing is now done, the forceps are removed and the chosen jewelry can now be inserted into the hollow needle or the needle sleeve once the needle itself has been removed.

A gentle tugging motion is all that will be felt as the jewelry is slid through the piercing - in the opposite direction to the way the needle went through. Note that nipples can be pierced both horizontally and vertically. The first of these two inset photos show the hollow tubes in the nipple and the second shows the jewelry in place.

Types of acceptable jewelry

There are two specific types of nipple jewelry. And some variations. Silver (or any other metal that tarnishes) should not be worn. Only jewelry made from highest grade Surgical Stainless Steel, or solid (not plated) gold should be worn in any fresh piercing. Gold jewelry should be of at least 18ct. The two jewelry types are the barbell and the ball closure ring. Hinged (earrings) should not be worn. A banana bell with equal sized balls is also acceptable. A barbell should be used if the piercing is vertical. A barbell in your nipple will heal quicker than a ring, as there is nothing sticking out to catch or rub on clothes.

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