Ingrid of Stuttgart  

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Ingrid of Stuttgart

Ingrid of Stuttgart
By Mistress Michelle

Alone and abandoned as a child, this beauty in leather was taken under the wing of a notorious West German domina and trained. Today, she is considered to be one of West Germany's finest.

The beautiful industrial city of Stuttgart, West Germany, is home for Ingrid. She is one of that city's natives, her father having been a worker in the Mercedes-Benz assembly plant for most of his life. The early separation of her parents left Ingrid virtually alone, and dependent upon her own wits to survive. She literally hit the streets at the age of sixteen, worked for two years as a prostitute and then found her niche as a dominatrix. Her story begins with her introduction into the world of bondage and discipline by an aging domina who was at the time considered to be Stuttgart's finest.

I met Mistress Lorraine through a male client who had been coming to visit me for nearly a month. Karl was an executive with one of the automobile companies, a family man and very well paid. We would meet once a week in the Damier-Benz museum, then go to my apartment. Karl enjoyed watching me masturbate in front of a mirror, then having me undress him and play with him. I don't think he ever once was on top during sex. It was his pleasure to have me ride him. One evening, Karl asked me to join him in a very special session which he said would be perfect for me. He took me to a beautiful stone house in the woods outside Stuttgart and introduced me to Mistress Lorraine. I was immediately taken with her. She was tall, in her late forties and exceedingly beautiful. Her coal black hair hung to her waist and she had the body of a much younger woman. But what impressed me most about her was her ability to deal with Karl.

The moment we seated ourselves in her living room, surrounded by beautiful and original oil paintings on the walls, she ordered Karl to go into the kitchen and make tea. He bowed down to her and did as she asked. I was astounded. Lorraine told me that Karl was her slave, one of many wealthy industrialists from Stuttgart whom she had trained. She explained that these were men of high position, with lots of money and the need to be disciplined. She then explained that Karl had recommended me as a potential assistant because of my ability to handle him during our love-making sessions.Karl brought the tea, then Lorraine ordered him to undress and play with himself. Karl stripped, then began to masturbate. Lorraine raised her foot and drove her spiked heel into his ribs and sent him sprawling onto the carpet. He whined like a child, then got onto his hands and knees and begged Lorraine for mercy. "Why should I give a piggy like you mercy?" Lorraine barked. "You have been a bad boy!"

Karl whimpered and nodded his agreement. Then Lorraine ordered him to clean my shoes. I was fascinated as he crawled over to me and began to lick my leather. He worked his tongue over my entire shoe, then sucked on the spiked heel. I began to feel at that moment the extremely intense power which Lorraine held over this man. And I knew then that I had found my place. Lorraine had a dungeon in the cellar of her home, complete with crosses, racks and one wall with every kind of domination tool known to the trade. Off to one side was a dressing room, and Lorraine had assembled a wardrobe which was impressive, to say the least. She told me to help myself, and I chose a long leather dress slit up the sides. There were silver studs all the way up the length of the dress, and metal cups over the breasts. I thought it was the most incredible dress I had ever seen. Then I picked Out a pair of thigh high boots with huge spiked heels. After lacing these up, I picked out some leather gloves and a studded choker which I placed on my neck.

Karl was laying on the floor in the middle of the dungeon, his knees tucked beneath l~is chin. Lorraine stood above him, wearing only a leather garterbelt and boots. Her breasts and pubis looked beautiful, and I thought she looked sexier than any woman I had ever seen. She held a cat'o' nine tails in her hand, smiled at me, then turned to Karl. She began cursing him as she whipped him. Each stroke sent a shiver through me, then each stroke resulted in a kind of excitement which I had never felt before. I was transfixed as I watched the leather scream into Karl's flesh, splitting it open and resulting in small drops of blood appearing. And with each stroke, Karl winced and groaned.

"You dirty little rotten pig!" Lorraine screamed. "You have been so bad! You must be punished by your master, do you understand?" And Karl would reply,: ``Yes, Mistress Lorraine! Whip me! Make me bleed!"

The sight of that naked man writhing in total excitement beneath Lorraine's whip was one I'll never forget. It was the turning point in my life, that moment when I realized that the power really did reside within me. When Lorraine handed me the whip, I knew that I would be able to overcome my reluctance and whip Karl. Within a few minutes, I was slashing out at him and feeling my entire body dance with excitement.

That evening over cognac, Lorraine made her proposition. The offer was too good to turn down. She would train me as her assistant, and I would live with her in her home. When the time was right, she would turn her stable over to me. Lorraine had accumulated a small fortune and it was her desire to travel the world. She was a businesswoman, and she knew that she could still make a substantial amount of money by keeping her house running. After watching me earlier that day, she felt that I was a natural, and a woman who could be trusted. I was honored, and excited over the prospect of my new career.

I began the following day, watching and sometimes participating as Lorraine serviced her parade of wealthy, important clients. Every one of the men who came to her were involved in Stuttgart's automobile industry and each of them held a very imilortant position. Lorraine explained that the more successful and more powerful they were, the more they seemed to crave the humiliation beneath the spiked heel of a dominatrix. As she worked with each of these men, I began to understand not only the physical aspects of domination but also the psychological points. I saw how she dealt with each slave, how she made them respond and how she had insight into their individual needs.

For three months I worked with Lorraine, and then the day finally arrived when she handed the whip over to me. She agreed to stay for two weeks and made certain that I handled everything correctly. But after that period of time, she was determined to begin her tour of the world. I had come to know each of the slaves within her stable quite well. I knew their weaknesses, their desires, and how they liked to be humiliated and tortured. I had even managed to bring in three new clients who had been customers of mine prior to my meeting Lorraine.

By the time my mistress left on her world tour, I had a stable of twenty two slaves all under my whip.

That was five years ago. Lorraine still travels the world, and I rule her dungeon. In Stuttgart, I have gained a very good reputation. Many of my slaves bring their business associates from out of town to see me. And when a new executive arrives, he usually comes to me first.

There are some men who I do not work well with, and I usually recommend another domina who might be better able to satisfy their needs. My stable has truly become my own, and I have the luxury to pick and shoose. There are only certain types who I will administer to, and I am determined to have my own way.

I have discovered not only a satisfying way of life, but the means to become a woman of independeant wealth as well. My income is quite large, and I am investing my money in various businesses throughout the world. Within a year or so, my accountant informs me that I will have enough to retire if I so chose. But that decision is a long way off. My slaves give me pleasures which `I know money can't buy. And I am not so certain that I am willing to give them up!

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