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Author: Raven Shadowborne © Feb. 6, 1998

My mind whirls with confusion
my heart heavy with grief
news of your passing
met with disbelief
slowly understanding..
realization dawning
as the words echo in my mind
never again will I hear the voice I knew so well
your words of wisdom now lost to my soul
my mind recalls the past
your words, laughter and tears
As we loved each other through the years
remembering our time together
Lessons you taught, so sorely needed
Love you gave..uncompromised..unimepeded
Trust we shared..so strong and true
The bond we forged..through all life's trials
recalling the good things you wrought
the growth we achieved
our lives enriched by each other's deeds
You were my mentor, lover, confidante, and friend
You were my strength, joy, love and peace
You completed my soul as no other could
You taught me things I never understood
Cleared old confusions, opened new doors
Showed me the way to attain my dreams
Not blind to my faults, you accepted my all
Quieting your demons, as you soothed mine
easing the wounds left untouched by time
Sitting here now
my heart filled with loss
tears silently falling
As I struggle to find those final words of goodbye
A single black rose, a piece of my soul, now rests with yours
On the wings of angels may you forever soar
Farewell, My Lord..you will be with me


The above was written as my final goodbye to my mentor, known in LnR as MastrRick and once as TxGntlmn. He passed away on January 18, 1998. He was a man of high honor and strong convictions. He was friend to many. Never held his opinions and was protective of those he called friend. Fiercely loyal to those he loved.

With over 16 years of experience in BDSM real life, he taught many in LnR improtant lessons on trust, honor, committment and what a D/s relationship means. He also taught many of his tricks of the trade to those who wished to know. With a risque sense of humor and a wonderful zest for life and fun, he brought much laughter to those around him. Brightening the days of those who sorely needed it. He was always willing to listen to those with problems, though never pulling any punches and clearly stating things as he saw them.

FEB. 19, 1998


It is hard to believe that you are gone...
but, gone you are...
I shall miss your gentle touch,
Your kind and loving ways..
You touched my heart in my time of need..
You made me smile..
you taught me trust..
You showed me how to feel again..
The world will be a little emptier now..
but, it will go on..
I will always remember you...
For you touched my heart!

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