Devour Me / Desire  

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Devour Me / Desire

Devour Me
by flutterbi

My body is liquid to your words
A mass of swirling thikened life
changing form at your touch
My soul glows with fire
as the heat rises from my depths
the wetness allowing the heat to simmer
My heart aches with pain
as my feelings strangle me
giving you complete control
your lips softly caress my flesh
burning your love into me
Your mind lost in my moans
your hands touching me
pinching me squeezing me
milking my flesh of its resistance
your body aches as it feeds.
your soul slowly demanding
to devour the one who you own...


By flutterbi

the pain sears
through my soul
cuts through my heart
twists my insides
makes me writhe
in agony
agony ......
how sweet....
the agony of
fire burning
charring my skin
burning the nerves
i feel no pain
i beg for
cut me
burn me
hit me
make me hurt
make me bleed
it is what
i desire
what i need
to feel complete

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