A Dance - For Keeps  

DragonWycke 64M
7/4/2006 1:39 am
A Dance - For Keeps

A Dance - For Keeps
by ldywhispr

ldywhispr stands and walks to the stereo, picks out some some music, Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel....and turns it on. She turns back to the room as the sounds capture her soul. She closes her eyes for a moment as she is filled with the soft gentle beat. The stress of the day leaves as she begins to sway slowly, captured by the music in her heart, a far away smile on her face.....

ldywhispr lightly picks up her feet, shifting her weight from foot to foot..her hips seductively moving in time to the music. Her hands raise above her head, her shoulders and breasts slowly swing from side to side. Her gentle movements remind one of a fragile weeping willow branch responding to the gentle touch of a breeze. As she feels the cool air touching her, her senses heighten...

ldywhispr feels the freedom in her soul of the dance in her heart, she dreams of submission to the One who will own her. The One who will grant her aching need to be pleasing to Him, her hands become His as she runs her fingers thru her soft blonde curls, she dances for Him, knowing someday, He will find her and she will completely and unconditionally give Him her tender heart. She feels the ache in her inner thighs as her hands slowly slide down..

ldywhispr lightly touches her breasts...and a shiver runs thru her...her nipples instantly harden...obvious thru her softly transparant pale silks. A barely audible gasp is heard as she pinches her nipples...her deep blue eyes open, and she gazes around the room..the aching desire in her heart showing in her eyes...placing her hands under her creamy firm breasts she cups them and again lightly pinches them..feeling His hands on her, and she dreams.....

ldywhispr parts her legs and bends her knees as her hips sensuously grind in a circular motion...downward..the dampness between her thighs pressing tightly against her silks..her need betraying her.....her hands drop to her thighs.....barely brushing across her sex, her eyes close and she parts her lips in an entranced smile. As she again slowly rises to a standing position her hips continue to grind, her head drops backward...she licks her lips..

ldywhispr opens her eyes as she lifts her head and they focus on the wall with implements of pain and pleasure hanging there. As if on air..she glides to the wall...eyeing the flogger ..her hand reaches out and grasps it...pulling it to her, her fingers feeling the the soft thin leather straps.

ldywhispr brings the flogger to her lips and gently kisses it. Her eyes glance around the room ..to see if the Master who is worthy to use the flogger on her for His pleasure is present...eyes seeking...searching...with a soft sigh she averts her gaze again

ldywhispr holds the flogger to the valley between her breasts and sighs...she suddenly swings the flogger down..its many straps hitting her thigh..wrapping around to the inside..the creamy white skin stinging from its kiss.

ldywhispr unties the thin string at her hips..and her silks slide down,..stepping out of them..the thin red lines forming on her thigh evident. The moistness of her sex glistens...switching hands, she strikes the other thigh ..a moan escapes her lips

ldywhispr reaches up and unties the string at her shoulders..as she turns to face the room...the top of her silks slide off..caressing her burning thighs as they fall to the floor. Her hips swaying ..she again holds the flogger to her firm breasts...

ldywhispr looks down as she feels the ache of her slave heat and sees the red welts on her legs...her hand drops between her thighs, she runs her fingers across the wetness...again it is His hands who touch her precious gift...her body flushes...a pink tone covers her nude form...turning she replaces the flogger on the wall..her back to the room.

ldywhispr reaches with her hands to her round bottom..fingers spread wide, lightly rubbing the soft skin...as she dreams of the pleasure sting the floggers many slaps would bring to her heightened senses...

ldywhispr sighs wistfully..and again turns to the room.....smiling she lightly dances around..her eyes glazed over, the beauty of her heart ..the bonds of her submission..the gentleness of her soul...open and free...clearly recognizable by her naked body. Her breasts bobbing with each step..the nipples hard and erect...

ldywhispr stops...runs her hands over her breasts..down her abdomen and to her sex..gasping as she touches the tender spot...feeling the slippery wetness..

ldywhispr brings her fingers to her lips, her tongue reaches out and sucks them into her mouth..the sweet nectar of her juices on her fingertips..she smiles again...the smile of one who knows the pleasure of this life

ldywhispr drops to her knees... spreading them widely...arches her back ..thrusting out her breasts....the music fading to a close.....she gently places her hands on the red welts on her thighs, feeling the warmth..lifts her head high..proud to be who and what she is..averts her gaze downward...and drifts off to dream..of Him who would hold her heart

ldywhispr feels a quiet smile of submission cross her face.

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