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Beach Path

Hot wind moved crossed the waves and brought in the smell of the sea. Despite the tide and the breeze the water lay still as a blue mirror in contrast to the shimmering air above it. From here she could see the sandy floor of the bay all the way out to the island a mile or more away. The island seemed to move slowly across the surface of the water, but that was an illusion made by the thick clouds lazily drifting by. Covered in trees right down to the water, the island looked like a green mushroom floating languidly along.

She kicked off her sandals and the grit of sand slid under her feet. Looking down she saw the tops of her tan feet like dark shoes against the pale, gold beach. Soft and yielding to her weight, it hissed softly as she walked across it to the water. As soon as she found the tide line the sound turned to a soft crunch rather than the whisper she heard before. And now that she was leaving footprints, warm water took the edge off the heat of the dry sand.

She walked shoulder deep into the water. She waited for the ripples to settle. From the rest of her body came the knowledge that the sea was as still below as it was on the surface. Warm and cozy as comforter on winter's day, the bay seemed to invite her to stay a while and still her mind.

She might have stood there longer if she hadn't turned to face the shore. For when she did the stillness of her mind shifted. To either side of the bay stood steep mountains of black-grey stone shaded liberally with lush groves of trees. Between the mountains and behind the beach lay a valley of thick jungle that rose slowly and disappeared into white haze. The clearcut border between the two mountains and the opposing halves of the valley was a dark stream that ran cold and fast to the shoreline. And when she saw it she wanted to explore the shady banks to either side.

Rising out of the water she could see a path wind along beside the stream, and she set her course there. Almost at once the sand turned to moss covered stone. It felt cool and soft under her feet. Almost yielding enough to stand on tip-toe, but she padded softly along trying not to make noise.

After a few yards the path began a series of switchbacks up the valley floor. The air here was snagged in the trees and held close to the heat. It smelled of damp earth, coming rain, and blooming flowers the size of cantaloupes. A shaft of sunlight lanced through the trees to spotlight a white orchid resplendent and perched on the stump of a tree.

The deeper she walked into the jungle the dimmer the light and the longer the shade became. The path narrowed to the point of a dark tunnel cut through growth. The closer the path became the cooler the sun was. After a few hundred yards the nearby stream sidled up to the path like the back of a large black serpent.

Then the path veered sharply away from the water. For a few strides the trees closed even further in, but a bit later the trees opened up to a high ceiling above a wide carpet of clover. Aside from the sound of the stream behind her, there was no sound. Looking around she saw a moss covered rock jut out into the clearing. It turned out to be a shallow pool bathed in a green fan of sunlight.

She stepped into the pool and found it to be warm and clear. Laying back she found a niche that suited her body, and she fell asleep.

She dreamed that calloused hands were gently outlining the bridge of her nose, the crease of her brow, the hollow ridges of her eye sockets. Gentle pressure started at the crown of her skull and traced forward to the hairline, her brow, her nose, her chin, and a featherlight touch to the lips. The fingers splayed and gently walked down her throat before sliding beneath her head. She felt her hair being fanned out gently as though to fill it with the warm, shady air. After an excruciatingly pleasant rake through her hair and over her scalp, the hands slid to her shoulders, then brushed over the skin of her breasts.

She awoke.

Standing over her, the owner of the hands hesitated and eyed her nervously. He had been caught with his fingers poised to unclasp her top. He looked stricken as she continued to stare at him. She supposed she looked outraged, but she could barely tell since she was transfixed on the man. Try as she might, she couldn't bring him out of the shadows and into focus, and she wondered where she was for a moment before the warm lap of water up her thighs reminded her.

The man nervously bent forward and brushed his lips across hers. The dry wisp of skin on sin sizzled down her spine and cast aside her doubts. She relaxed back onto the rock, and guided his hands back to her top.

In a whisper it was cast aside along with her bottoms.

She might have expected him to rush along after that, but he began brushing her breasts with the dry tips of his fingers avoiding the nipples. From the middle across the tops and sliding under the swell of each the fingers glided smoothly along every contour again and again.

He kissed her slowly on the lips and sucked gently on her tung when she offered it to him. Closing her eyes she lost herself as he kissed her throat, her chest, her breasts, her nipples, down her belly and finally under the thatch of her pubic hair.

His warm tung eased inside her and she moaned out a tormented cry. Her hips began to rock and the gentle hands eased under her buttocks to lift her out of the water. The orgasm pulsed in slow waves through her taking her breath away.

At the end of the last dim wave of pleasure, he eased inside her. He took his time. It took over a minute for him to reach fully inside, but it was an agony of ecstasy for both of them. With every inch he allowed her to savor how it felt before he gave her more. For him she seemed to be able to draw him in with the force of a vice.

She opened her mouth the scream in pleasure but he locked his lips on hers. Insistent now she began to bounce her hips, but he held her down with his weight so she could only rock them to and fro.

This time the orgasm exploded with such force through her she whipped her head back in a breathless gasp. He clung to her tight as the last shudders pulsed through her.

"Found the path Darlin'?" he asked.
"I was looking for you," she answered.

I got sidetracked here. It was supposed to be an exercise in imagery, but I lost the thread of it somewhere. Tell me what you think. Am I off base here?

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6/1/2006 2:36 pm

VERY NICE - Love it Baby.
Glad your back. Take Care , Linda

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