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8/25/2006 10:54 am

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You were watching me dress this morning:
Face slightly flushed, shining eyes fixed upon me,
Your familiar intensity radiated through our bedroom.
We both knew.

I looked away, outwardly impervious,
While blood warmed and thoughts raced
And all attention was drawn to my growing passion.
How laborious it was complete the task at hand!

Feeling then and now drugged with lust;
I am breathless, distracted, craving with total abandon.
There is no reasoning.
And you are still so wonderfully powerful.

This day crawls by ‒ I am lost in us.
I experience each minute in two worlds:
Straddling responsibility and my private fantasies,
Unable to live fully and completely in either.

I feel barely conscious, but also terribly, painfully, alive
And I tremble and wait in a sweet agony.
Pretending becomes a way to survive.
For still many hours lie between us.

And I will persevere: never yielding,
Not forgetting what you with a look began.
This night you’ll find me, stripped of all barriers,
Desiring you all the more for the wait.

-Lord Allan

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