Monday and moody  

DommeDraven 56F
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10/10/2005 6:40 am

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Monday and moody

Today is a holiday? For a guy who got lost after being sent off for courting the queen?Hmm, I could see the humor in this.
Being a queen in my own realm, I rather enjoy being courted. There is no king here to be concerned about. Just another queen who is in truth my Lady.She doesnt do the whole beheading bit, though.
In fact we both rather like head.

Yes, I do love to be pampered and spoiled,petted and no pressure to do anything,just be.
I have a little fantasy......
I am a life sized doll, perhaps a very real seeming adult doll, such as Ive seen on the show mmm, "real sex". And yet I am alive. The creator of these dolls realizes I am animate and yet not fully mobile. I can feel, but not move much, respond, but not activly.
And Im scared.He is kind to me and shows me what will happen to me. He knows the couple Im going to, as I am a custom job and knows they will be good to me.
A virgin doll, but not for long as he tests my abilities and awarenesses. I, of course begin to lose my fear and feel something quite different. Just about the time he is showing me what oral sex on me while he is in my mouth ,feels like, my other feeling crests. Its arousal.
The couple may not get quite what they expected....

rasungod22 60M  
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10/10/2005 9:02 am

my Queen DommeDraven i could be your jester for your court, i would gladly serve any Queen in your realm.

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