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7/15/2005 1:08 am

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This evening, I met a woman I have been emailing for over a month for dinner. This was our first meet. No pictures had been exchanged, only email and chat, getting to know one another as people.

I was uncertain, just as she was, whether in person we'd be the same people as we were online. As it turned out, I was actually surprised, very pleasantly.

She showed up as promised at the restaurant, and I recognized her right away. After all, I've been talking to her for months on an almost daily basis!

As it turned out, she's been waiting on my table for the last few months at breakfast before work!

We both laughed and laughed, discussing the reasons why neither of us had ever really approached the other. We laughed even more when we talked about the number of times each of us had stared at the other's body from across the room fantasizing.

She saw my ring, and heard me talking to co-workers at the table about what a great woman she is. And I assumed she was just too hot not to have a line of guys waiting to take her out; guys who were single and available.

We hit it off so well, I only got home a little while ago, because after several hours in the restaurant we decided to go and walk around in Old Sacramento.

My point here, people, is that I am now wondering how many times I have lost out on getting to know somebody because of the face I wear to protect me and mine, and the assumptions I make about others based on the face they wear.

Anonymity has the wonderful ability to allow you to be ABSOLUTELY yourself. It also allows you the opportunity to lie your ass off and claim to be a supermodel. Think about it before you decide which path to take in describing yourself.

Do you want to fall for somebody who has a completely twisted and inaccurate sense of who and how you are?

Why not be honest? It just seems a lot more sensible. When you click with someone, you can get on with things from there, rather than realizing that you can't possibly meet the expectations they've developed because of your untruths. Rather than having them find out and realize you're not the one they have feelings for and attraction to and dropping you like a brick.

Honesty... It's not just for others anymore. *smile*


sportsfan362436 48F

7/15/2005 1:55 pm

I, for one, wouldn't know how to be anyone other than who I am. But hearing one describe me after reading my profile, said, I was exactly how I wrote I was! Unfortunately for those of us who are honest, and real, there are many others who aren't. Good for the both of you that you finally 'connected'!

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