The Meaning Of Life Answers  

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The Meaning Of Life Answers

Wisdom based on rational, inspired and spiritual patterns of truth can be perceived once the ego has been suppressed and the mind focused on either nature and the world or light and the universe. The object of this experience and awareness are achievable by realizing we are wholly contained in the fundamental reality of the greater common good, that no intermediary can divide us from the harmonious whole of the cosmic consciousness of fundamental logic and enlightenment.

Compassion, love and inner peace are the enablers of the physical, vital, and mental planes of conception, perception and sensation of the cosmic mind and consciousness. At the conception level an idea is a thought, at the perception level it is experienced, and at the sensation level it is the embodied truth (wisdom) instinctively realized in its fullness.

As the mind moves away from the connections and chaos of everyday life (towards the silence within), the senses utilize higher mental and spiritual faculties able to provide a more direct perception of the "universal knowledge base" of illuminations, intuitions and revelations. By moving deeper within this silence of our consciousness (away from our feelings, emotions, judgments and prejudices), we enter into a realm of pure rational thought where integral knowledge and understanding are abundant.


The discovery of deeper truths are attainable when we overcome our ego and separateness. Silence within enables knowledge, clear thinking, insight, and ultimately the whole truth we are seeking. When we dwell within the silence we experience how we are one with the whole of cosmic consciousness.

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Djeeper1987 replies on 6/13/2006 6:22 pm:
And nothing. Here have another beer.

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My dietetic integrity has admonished me that I have arrived at a state of deglutition inconsistent with my dietetic abilities without inebriation complications!

* I still have the bottle...don't make me use it on that thick skull of yours! *

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