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7/9/2006 12:48 pm

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This woman I knew several years ago starting talking to me all the sudden on my messenger. I was surprised.
She said,"Hello Stranger"
So from there, we talked and caught up. Now this woman lived with me for a few months way back. All the sudden she leaves me.
Took some of my CD's worth about a couple of hundred dollars.
Fucking felt burned at the time.
Anyway, I got over her in a few weeks later. Now as we are talking on messenger everything is cool.
Then all the sudden, I just said to myself. "WTF, why am I talking to this woman?" She used me, took things from me, and now whats to make nice." Worst part is I am pouring out my sorrows about why I can't seem to find a gf. I know pathetic.
She then starts sending me all these websites like AdultFriendFinder.
I told her I was already using AdultFriendFinder. This went on for a couple of days and I just got mad at her and told her to pretty much SHUT UP. She then saids,"You hurt me, so fuck off."
I am like ok.
So I got over it, and then today. I just got super mad about women in general. So stupid me takes it out on her.
I said,"One time I am mad at you and you totally stop talking me. What the fuck is your problem?"
Now at this point I have no idea why I am bothering her.
She comes back at me calling me an ASSHOLE!!!
I am like ok.
She goes on and on. I finally just said I am sorry.
Then her new husband gets on the box and tries to tear me a new one. Of course I am laughing.
He goes on the she never liked me and that she told him I was never good in bed.
Now I am thinking, if she never liked me then why was she talking to me?
Oh yea, I once asked her if I was any good in bed, she it was her secret.
Then she has her husband tell me I am bad in bed.
Dude I haven't slept with a woman in two years. Who the fuck cares!!
Anyway, I don't know why I am typing this shit out.
Guess I am fustrated at the fact. Some woman I have met on AdultFriendFinder turned out to be jealous cause I was talking to others. Or some said I was a player. Now at this point I am rolling my eyes.
Oh brother.
All I can say at times like these I feel like I am going to be alone for the rest of my life. Now now I don't need your pity, or your sympathy. Oh don't worry djeepers you will find someone.
Oh brother.....
Today for the first time in a long time. I finally know what I want. I just want pussy. I just want to get laid. FUCK, SUCK, AND DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN.
I don't want a relationship at this time. Just seems like everyone has a drama fit when the word relationship comes in the picture.
I am jealous this, and jealous that. I want to commit and shit.
The one woman who I though was going to hook up with me this morning but dropped me cause I was only an hour away. That is not much distance.
Anyway, just though I make a point.
I am willing to travel within a 150-200 mile radius to meet any of you hot ladies for some serious no string sex. Now I know some of you ladies are not going to like this new me. I personal don't care at this point. I need to take care of me.
Right now, sex will calm the beast with-in. And more. Of course as usual I will not get much out of AdultFriendFinder other then the great women I have met in Blogland!! Love ya ladies!!

Carpe Diem

clitalicious67 50F

7/9/2006 3:38 pm

You personal spin on this is...she lacks any intellectual skills and the only way to hurt you or get at you is to say something cold like that...

I guess I think if you are moving on just moving need to be hateful about it...

Hugs sweetie!


rm_KarmoHunny 56F
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7/9/2006 4:33 pm

Seems like you get it coming and going! Too bad some women have mistreated you and caused you to change from who you were (that's not sympathy either). I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

Take Care

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