Howdy Everyone!!  

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4/13/2006 4:04 pm
Howdy Everyone!!

Gosh finally the rain let up. It truly was a beautiful sunny day and warm too. Perfect weather to work in.
I was in shirt and shorts with my company logo and just soaking in the sun rays. Feeling good! I was smiling that the rain was gone, of course the weather man says its coming back tomorrow. BAH! I am just going to enjoy today.
One of the great things about sunny, warm days such as this : one is people wear a little less.
I was working near a college and had to work at some of the building that hold the members of the fraternities or sororities.
I was in heaven today. Its nice that I already have the card keys and keys to get in back to work. Some of the sororities were packed with beautiful college women. I was drooling!! Trying now to show it, but I remained a gentlemen and just feeling tranquil with the view I was witnessing.
I swear to god, some college women don't care if they wear anything. I went into the back of one of the sorority and identified myself. I hear one of the women saying its ok to come in. Of course I heard some giggling, but just ignored it. I was trying so hard not to smile. Of course the women were giggling and smiling at me. Why you ask?
They all were sun tanning in the NUDE!!!
Of course by now, I had the hardest cock in the whole county. And they noticed too! I just went about my work and smiled so big I could not hold it back. It was hard not too. They of course were talking amound themselves and talking to me too. They were asking me what I did, and so forth and so on. I was just finally in a trace with them. I could not help but wanted to stay and talk to them all day. Even wondering if I should ask to help with the sun tan lotion. HAHA(Some of you are probably thinking this is bullshit, I would too...but I swear to god this happened.) I got to thinking how are they not attracting more men? I finally notice after coming here month after month that they had the perfect location of totally privacy! They had the perfect day, the perfect reason since school it out due to Easter Week.
I so did not want to leave. They even asked me back when I was finish. Of course I had to refuse, but told them I would see them again next month. They all waved goodbye and one of the gave me a goodbye kiss on the cheek. Her breast were wet and brushing my arm. Left a big mark on my work shirt. haha
When I finally got back to the office, they all saw the smile I had. A smile that would not quick! I told them I was just happy that it was sunny and warm today!!!
I love this day!!

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