Djeeper1987 48M
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7/2/2006 9:35 pm

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7/9/2006 6:02 pm


Hi everyone,
Had a great weekend. Grandparents were very surprised about there 69th Anniversary Suprise Party. Had a good turn out. Took abunch of pics. Anyway, just got home. Traffic was perfect did a 2 hour trip back home.
Sister is visiting this Monday and Tuesday for the 4th of July. Sadly I have to work tomorrom Monday. However going to a street party for the 4th. Should be fun to visit some old friends. Anyway, I can see I have a lot of catching up to do here in Blogland. I will do my best.
In the meantime, my last day as a gold member is the 4th of July. So do you think I should reup? Let me know? I haven't had much success in getting laid or finding someone cool to hang out with on AdultFriendFinder. I am however happy about all the people I have met here in Blogland. Lots of hot women of all ages with great sense of humors, and something to say. With that said Boy oh boy a nice tight pussy would be the ticket to a perfect weekend. Any takers willing to make me happy???
Talk to ya all later.

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countryheart_71 46F
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7/2/2006 11:01 pm

I use to be a silver but am now a standard. I'm still having fun!



7/4/2006 7:27 pm

wondering about the gold ball huh?? just keep the one's you got and you will still have a great time

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TheCliticals 36F/F

7/5/2006 1:50 am

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NSAAddict 43F

7/5/2006 11:24 am

I'd go silver, gold's a waste imho, especially if you're mostly blogging

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