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Ancient Rome

There is a series on HBO called ROME. The first season was pretty good as it took the series from the Gaul Wars where Ceaser himself claimed victory over the Celts. Then come home to Rome and become dictator. Then the end of season one was the assisnation of Ceaser at the Senate Dome. So I am looking forward to Season 2 which I hopes is coming soon.
All in all, I love history. Watching this made me feel like I was there. I could picture myself a Roman Soilder, or perhaps a Senator with power beyond imagnation.
With my slaves and family in a large home in the middle of Rome near the Great Collesium. In the morning I would take one of my beautiful female slaves and have my way with her. Then have breakfast served of fruits and meat. Then take a walk with my bodyguards to the Colluesium for the games, the fights to the death with blood. Of course I would probably have to make a visit to the Senate and meet the others to discuss the problems of the day.
Then go home and have an orgy with my friends and guest. I wonder if any of you in Blogland would care to join me?
How interesting it would to have lived in those times. I always wondered why I feel I am living in the wrong era. I feel like I should be else where. History is so important as we learn the very examples of human pitfalls, and celebrations. An author of those times Marcus Tullius Cicero once said....

“To live is to think.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero

I can't help but agree with that Quote.
I would pay a lot of Denarii (Plural form of 'denarius,' a type of Roman coin central to the Roman currency) to travel back in time and live a day as a Roman Citizen.

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