Any takers  

DjHypnosis 34M
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8/12/2006 8:56 pm

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12/7/2016 7:53 am

Any takers

Does anyone else have any certain expectation or even deductions from the functionality of this whole brain fart... lol

FemPleaserTx 52M

8/12/2006 9:43 pm

I have found tons of spammers while emailing what I thought were legitimate women in my area. Although I can't prove it I think that alot of the women who appear to be online actually aren't online, or are just bots. Spammers use bots to net people into looking at the profile and emailing them. Then they reply with a website to contact them at...

snowblack69 48F

10/25/2007 6:13 pm

I think that this site is ok. I have met several people on this site and I still see them and keep in contact with them. But there is people on this site which are fakes.

firegryphon 48F
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11/7/2007 1:09 pm

The problem isn't JUST the damned site, although there are plenty of problems. I've had a good success with this site. The problem is the people in the south miami-dade/kendall area just suck.

The only thing I HAVE to do is eat, shit, and die. Everything else is a choice.

rm_beachloco 47M
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12/29/2008 6:07 pm

Well, i have tried to email you, but you have it blocked.
if you read this. hit me back. i'd like us to meet.

DjHypnosis 34M
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1/4/2009 9:11 am

Um buddy, just to let u know im not gay, so go meet a gay person that suits ur interest, it aint me.

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