Why must some feel the need to be someone they are not?  

DizzyKittie81 36F
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2/27/2006 11:41 pm

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9/3/2006 2:09 am

Why must some feel the need to be someone they are not?

I'm writting this because of what I have noticed in recent years being on chatrooms. Not so much AdultFriendFinder, but other chat servers as well "I must say tho i find it more on AdultFriendFinder." What is it i find? That people for some reason can not be themself.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many from AdultFriendFinder, Like Mizzy, JB, ZD, Kyphi, Fudge, sharice, and many others. of course with the great meetings came a few .. whats the word, not so great? I dont want to say a BAD meet cause its always neat to meet friends from online.

Ok i'll cut to the point. You go to a meet and greet all excited cause "hey ya get to meet that person you been talking to for many many weeks, months, heck even years in some of the cases." You get there, and start talking with the person(s) and you learn they are not who they claimed to be at all. Unfortunitly this has happened to me a few times. The person(s) are eaither not the sub or Dom they claim they are, The person doesnt look a THING like there pic's they send you, or on there profile. "I'm talking compleatly different, not just a haircut or a shave or the change of a hair color"

It makes me wonder really why people find the need to be someone they obviously are not? When they play someone they are not, and finally meet the person you are playing, do they really think the person they are meeting is not questioning in there mind "wow he/she doesnt look like what i thought" or "damn he/she is not who i thought they were"

I've always tried being myself. what you see on here, is usually me in person as well. I aint no super model or Barbie doll. I am me, take it or leave it. one thing i noticed and seen a lot of are OLD pics being used. now i personally admit i'm guilty of that at times "cause i admit i'm lazy and hate getting my pic taken" but mine are older than dirt so to say, Also one i notice a lot of are Doc'd pics. What i mean by that is pics that were played with on photo shop to make the person look thinner, younger, etc etc. Or of course the shadow darken pics.

Well i think i've bored you all long enough. Have a good one and remember.. BE YOURSELF! no one can do that better than you yourself

-Kittie =^..^=

timberwolf6972 45M

2/28/2006 12:16 am

I have also ran into this same problem. I know this sounds horrible but it's true. I think that cameras are entirely too kind to some and not kind enough to others. I can assure you that all my pics are current. My latest profile pic was taken last Friday. It represents what you would see if you met me in public on any given day. I think that the pics that I hate the most are webcam pics cause they lack detail and those 'Glamour Shots' pics cause they are really deceptive. Honestly I think I would rather have a chic send me a pic of her taking her morning piss with her hair all fucked up and no make-up than alot of these pics that I receive cause it would be a far more accurate pic than some of these pics that I see posted. BTW I have recently become interested in BD/SM and Alternate lifestyle. {=}

rm_jacina_n 44F
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8/6/2006 4:01 pm

This one has wondered why people lie to the very people they are calling friends and planning on meeting.....lies are very easy to find out, more so if your meeting the person face to face. This one has also met ones who are nothing like they potray in their pictures.. or worse are exp Dom's who don't know one end of a whip from the other. *grins*.....well you'll know yourself in a few weeks this one is just as bad in real life as she is in the chatrooms.

see ya soon

jac *hugs*

sunnyohoh5 61F
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8/31/2006 7:40 am

i keep telling people i'm an ugly old far person..guess i'm just going to have to keep on meeting people to prove it....lol...gfood blog brat cat

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