The Pregnant Blonde  

DizzyKittie81 36F
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8/19/2006 5:18 am

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The Pregnant Blonde

A blonde, brunette and a redhead, all good friends are each 3 months pregnant.
The redhead comes out with, "I'm having a baby boy".The blonde asks, "How do you know that"
The redhead says, "When we were having sex, I was on top"
The brunette then says "Than I must be having a baby girl, since I was on the bottom when we were having sex"
The blonde begins to cry uncontrollably. Both friends ask why she is soupset.
I'm going to have puppies"

Goodpuppy74 44M

9/9/2006 5:54 pm

I know some women who would find having a litter of puppies very

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