For All You Single Parents Out There,,,, I Salute You!  

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9/12/2006 3:02 am

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For All You Single Parents Out There,,,, I Salute You!

The Evil one and I decided to go out to dinner last night. Was a spur of the moment type thing as we wanna go out more, and also I didnt feel like doing dishes.

After we went to dinner, we went over to his friend's house who works on my car when something goes wrong, just to learn the part didnt work "i will get into that at a later date."

After dealing with that, we went to the store to pick up a few things then head home. As we walked to the car I couldnt help but watch this woman with a little infant "kid had to have been under 1 years old" a girl about 5 and another boy about 7. she had 3 kids with her all alone late at night "like 10:30pm" grocery shopping.

It really had me thinking. How in the world does she do it? I mean i could be wrong, maybe she isnt a single mother, but still.. be out with all the kids... the kids of course running all over while shes trying to load her car, how in the world do they do it?

I see it often, just never really thought about it. All those single parents busten there butts for the kids, no help from anyone. Trying there best. I cant understand how some with 3, 4 even 5 kids do it. be watching them ALL while at the store, or driving each one to school ect ect.

this is why i have to say.. for all you single parents out there, i give each and every one of you a lot of respect.

So i must ask.. how do YOU make it happen?


9/12/2006 4:21 am

Well, I only have one, so it's much easier. However, he's my priority in life. Nothing even comes close. Yes, I have all of the bills and the responsibility, but I also have the 'I love you mom' and the snuggles and all of the other wonderful things that come with it. The good things make the rest seem irrelevant.

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