New Years Party Check List...  

Divinitydesires 47F
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12/28/2005 5:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

New Years Party Check List...

I'm sitting here thinking of a New Years Party and I have run across a few dilemnas.

First dilemna...

Blouse & Skirt or Dress.
I'm leaning towards the blouse and skirt. I love it when he unbuttons me slowly. And dresses are so stuffy at times.

Second dilemna...

White or black bra. Both of course are sexy.
I'm leaning towards black, looks better against my milky white breasts.

Third dilemna...

Nylons. Thigh high or panty hose.
I'm thinking thigh high.

Fourth dilemna...
Shoes. Open toe or not.
I'm thinking something sexy so go with the outfit, so open toe.

Fifth dilemna...
Panties. *sighs* I have no options on this one. So I'm thinking of going without.

Sixth dilemna...
The man. I need one.

Seventh dilemna...
The party. I have no place to go. I suppose once I find a man, we could solve that issue.

rm_Ptalk1155 35M
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12/28/2005 6:08 pm

This is why I made a date with a really good friend for New Year's who's as sexy as I feel like making television.

craptoast 40M

12/28/2005 6:08 pm

Come to buffalo.
Wear nothing.
We'll make our own party.

Fairy_Gothmother 43F

12/28/2005 6:28 pm

PLease drop by my or TTigerAtty's blog and read [post 184403]

MyRealLoverOne 47M

12/28/2005 6:35 pm

Hey sexy! I can take care of the bottom two. Expecially if you are dressed like that. Just make sure the buttons are not too tight...I like to undress you with my teeth.

rm_just4fun716 69M
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12/28/2005 6:36 pm

horses are saddled and its nice out lets go and see where it takes us.

rm_just4fun716 69M
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12/28/2005 6:37 pm

horses are saddled and ready lets go

keithcancook 61M
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12/28/2005 6:46 pm

LMAO! Cute post, Divinity.

PS: A clever girl like you should have no trouble landing a date...

rm_molittle69 47M
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12/28/2005 6:52 pm

wow! this is a the skirt with white, thigh high so i can feel the softness of your upper thigh while i caress your beautiful legs under the table all night long. open toed to show off your pedicure and painted toes, on the mark with the panties, but you are still going to have to wait untill we get home maybe...., would love to be there with you, and yes we'll solve that issue later. sure would warm up my cols canadian new years eve.

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

12/28/2005 6:52 pm

aw cuddles

I like to wear skirt and sexy top black bra no panties

Stockings and heels sandles they look so sexy

ive no man or place to go either

If you find a man u wont need clothes or panties or a bra or heels or stockings

just loads of condoms ..giggles

silky x

rm_molittle69 47M
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12/28/2005 6:53 pm

post not working, i think hope my original comes through.

im_curious_4u 51M

12/28/2005 7:22 pm

I was getting jealous until I read the 6th dilemna. Actually I was getting turned on more but you know what can I say.

If I can make a request, would you wear the lacy black thong, pleeaasee!

weineroftheworld 67M

12/28/2005 9:39 pm

Blouse and skirt (short) definitely. Black bra, no hose, open toe, no panties, me, my place. Problem solved....
OR just throw on a sweatsuit...

tillerbabe 57F

12/29/2005 1:02 am

I think your "dressing" dilema is solved!..and the rest will follow! Happy New Year!

needalotoflics 43M
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12/29/2005 6:37 pm

I think you would look Dlicious with anything on

rm_amofica1 48M
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12/29/2005 9:38 pm

skip the bra and panties. New years eve can't ne New year's eve if you are wearing them. besides it lends for easy acces whereever midnight may catch you. I do nto have a date either and I am in F. Laud if you want some one to hang out with.....

rm_goddess1946 107F
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12/30/2005 12:37 am

Divinity, I am sure that you will be beautiful in whatever you deside to wear..or not wear...and in the meantime...

I have a Happy New Year Idea!! Think we can get it off the ground???

* Blogland Orgasm Day!*
Dec. 31...New Years Eve...

see my blog for details!

wooooo hooooo! I had a birthday brainstorm!

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

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