Calling a spade a spade.....  

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2/23/2006 10:26 am

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Calling a spade a spade.....

Today is a beautiful Febuary day, got up, showered, had coffee, let the cat out, checked in with the office, e-mailed my reports, and stated sifting thru todays load of life.
I get on average quite a few e-mails from here so no surprise there, I came in to check them as part of my new resolve to be more diligent about this but this time I gonna have to make sure I clarify for dummies. Of course the single men still hit me up, the various cples who r primarily looking for him or some other equally stupid version of that scenario considering my profile and blog.
Today I am more pissed about the women than the men! Maybe it is a full moon or something but if u r slow enough to read my profile and think I 'm gonna meet u ay the mo-mo and fuck you and eat you based on a fantasy In my profile please do not contact me! I thought I was clear about the drug-addict part and I must assume ur under the influence of something.
I have had women contact me and flat-out ask when and where? What kinda fucking ice breaker is that to send? Ladies I largely forgive the guys for there stupidity in hitting up a woman who obviously prefer other women therefore greatly decreasing any chance in hell he may have had unless he WWE's Bastita well then he can just come over and "unleash the beast" otherwise he'd just be my slave. But ladies? come on u have got to be kidding, and I'm calling it today because the amount is just awful!!
What in the hell r you dumb-asses on? If u r stupid enough to meet up with me with no preamble, no conversations prior, no sense of even who or what is really going on....BYPASS ME !!!! See u there in ur dreams! So stop asking ..and because I answered the question as honestly and raw as I really am I"M NOT TAKING IT DOWN, it's my fantasy and it stays!
The whole time I've been on here I am on of the few women that have not, created four or five ads on the same site!!!! all claiming to be someone different looking for something different. I'm divatude73 for close to 2 years since I came here. I am also MISSTRXX on, I enjoy certain fetishes and I hang out with women/cples who enjoy B&D (an alternate form of sexual satisfaction with most little or no physical touching.) That is not how I seek my sexual pleasure one-on-one with a woman. I havent found the kind of lady I'm looking for, I keep getting hit up by women who tell me how much they wanna eat my pussy...funny cuase I'm looking for the right kinda girl to do the same for myself, what r we trading now? I am a pleaser...thats how I get off. Period. I'm looking for those who like to recieve. I am also selective. I do not put my mouth on just anyone! Thats what makes emailing when and where so stupid!!!!! I want a chick that is cute clean, smart, and know that is one thing for people to think ur a fool but it another thing to write it down and prove it! Someone who doesn't need to intterupt her life with this but can get away and be able and on the downlow get pleasure by a female friend and have the best of life without strings. The rest can kick rocks for all I care! I'm not head on demand! My profile is steamy no doubt, but it's not my life story, with the right kinda female she is as good as sucked and fucked behind closed doors for sure. I am still a NORMAL person and therefore even though it's NOT in my profile. Standard rules apply!

Divatude is a feeling , now let me feel it girl!

moonlightphoenix 46F
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2/23/2006 10:48 am

I don't understand why women think we'd accept behaviour from them that we wouldn't accept from a man. Just cause we've both got the same equipment, don't mean I don't want to be romanced....sigh.

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