Why am I here?  

DisplacedTiger 38M
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3/24/2005 5:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why am I here?

Well, considering that I'm on this site in order to try some new experiences, I figure I might as well start a blog as well, since...uh...I've never done one before. (My life is simple, see.)

I guess I can start off by going off on why I'm here. I'm married. But sex is not as fulfilling as I'd like it to be. That's pretty much the crux of it all. My wife's a great person, and actually my favorite person in the world, but she just doesn't have a very open mind when it comes to sex. I don't fault her for that...heck, not everybody likes to have their butt licked...but I do need an exploratory sex life. Yet, I don't wanna screw up my personal, family life...hence, INTERNET to the rescue!!! Tada.

I guess another big reason I'm on this site is that I'm too much of a nice guy to get women to fall for me easily. I'm witty, and sometimes funny, but I'm not good at sealing the deal. In bed, I'm an animal, and all the girlfriends I've had have always been satisfied and then some. I'm living proof of the assumption made on The Revenge of the Nerds...Us nerds are the best at sex because we think about it 24/7...we really gotta work at the sex, while the jocks, they're pretty and don't really have to work for it. Not that I have anything against anybody...that's just a small joke there.

Oh...something else that came to mind while typing this up. I also have an "interesting" taste in women. I love my women thick and voluptuous. I guess it's because I'm Cuban, but I can't stand a woman without some meat on her bones. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'll chew on a boney girl as hard as the next guy...but give me a nice, chunky mama throws "height/weight proportional" right out the door and into the next state, and I'll eat her like a french silk pie. (Mmmm...food references...yummy...)

So, I'm looking for this sexually open-minded, explosive, fun, voluptuos BBWoman, who's looking for a good, nice friend with some very hot benefits. I figure this would be the place to find such a woman.

Stay tuned, because I plan to keep writing on here. I have interests in video gaming, reading, role-playing games (any female D&D geeks out there?), politics, philosophy, the future of the world, and just about anything else that may come up. So, this isn't exactly going to be just another "looking for sex" blog. (Though women throwing themselves at me would be a GREAT fringe benefit)

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