Plain Cheese Pizza  

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3/24/2005 5:41 pm

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Plain Cheese Pizza

I decided to call this blog "Plain Cheese Pizza". Of course, I figure I should explain myself.

I've always had a rather bland palate...I don't like many foods, and the few foods I do eat are pretty bland. When I go to Burger King...cheeseburgers being one of my favorite foods...I ask for my Whopper plain, only cheese and ketchup.

So, I'm chatting about burgers, but this blog's called "Plain Cheese Pizza", what gives? I'm getting to it.

Anyway, as a kid, I would have to go to these "pizza parties" at my school, or with my little friends. So I'm at these parties, the pizza comes out...and I'm looking for the plain cheese pizza. I don't like veggies, I don't like pepperoni, I don't like sausage...I don't like any of that fucking shit on my pizza. I want plain, cheese pizza. Alas, however, plain cheese pizza was never ordered, or if it was, there wasn't enough of it, and I just got screwed.

Now, to my way of thinking, if EVERYONE likes plain, cheese pizza, then why wasn't there more of it? I mean, sure, you may LIKE sausage or pepperoni on your pizza, but you can still enjoy the same pizza WITHOUT the sausage and pepperoni. I've never heard of anyone say, "I won't eat that pizza if it doesn't have sausage on it." It's just simply illogical.

This blog is called "Plain Cheese Pizza", because this plain cheese pizza story is the backbone of much of my thought on society. If we simply strove to give everyone something, instead of trying to give a few select people some perks, we'd be better off.

I guess this marks me as a liberal, because I apply this way of thinking to everything...politics, religion (lol, like there's any difference now-a-days?), sex, relationships...whatever the topic happens to be, I think in accordance to the great Plain Cheese Pizza theory.

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