A question for the ladies in blogland...  

Discreet_Man99 41M
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9/11/2006 5:15 pm

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9/14/2006 5:10 pm

A question for the ladies in blogland...

I've been chatting with a couple of women lately, and I must say that they've been a lot of fun. They've both expressed an interest in the same fantasy. They want to be taken forcefully by a man.

When I say forcefully, I mean violently. Not your typical bondage or domination type fantasy, but something that would be a felony in most U.S. jurisdictions, with all the accompanying cuts and bruises.

Is this a common fantasy for women around here? I am generally a very dominant partner, but most women I've known in the past wouldn't take things to that level. What have you folks experienced around here?
Yes! I love fantasies of forced sex and domination.
No way! I prefer a gentle lover.
Maybe. I like it a little (or more than a little) rough, but within well-defined boundaries.
Other (please leave comments!)

HisSecretDream 51F

9/11/2006 5:31 pm

I like the fantasy of being forced by a stranger. I'm sure I wouldn't want it to happen in real life. But maybe if I was involved with a man and he sneaked in my back door and pressed me to the bed and took me hard from behind.....



9/11/2006 5:32 pm

If I were a man and a woman told me this, then I'd run as fast as I could. What if she's some kind of nut looking for attention and goes to the police and says the man her? What's he going to say? She wanted me to do it?

PandorasBoxxxx 107F
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9/11/2006 6:36 pm

Being forced to have sex against someones will is surprisingly the most common erotic daydream for women.
According a book I read, 51 % of women have fantasied about it.

Myself I wouldn't want a stranger to do that, but it would certainly make for a good role-play idea.


Teenagers are god's punishment for having sex!!


Discreet_Man99 41M
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9/11/2006 7:29 pm

I guess I should clarify. They both said that it was a FANTASY, and they'd be terrified to even tell anyone about it in the real world. both of these women are strictly online friends with no chance of ever meeting. So I guess they felt comfortable telling me about it.

In one case, we didn't take the idea much beyond her initial mention of the idea. For the other, I crafted a little story, with the twist that it had all been pre-planned by two consenting adults. That got me over my misgivings about the fantasy, and she seemed to enjoy it, so I guess everyone's happy.

Thanks for the comments.

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