How old is too old to nurse?  

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8/25/2006 1:07 pm
How old is too old to nurse?

Went to North Bank Park for lunch today. I regular that place in the summer. Right next to the river and a nice fountain to wash away the mornings headaches. Often times there are couples or mothers there with small kids playing in the fountain. Depending on my mood, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. Just depends on whether or not I want to be alone and don't want the yelling and screaming that is apart of todays kids Ok, so sometimes it has to do more with the kids than my mood, but you get my point

Today there were a couple of mom's there with toddlers and preschoolers. They laughed and giggled and it was one of the good ones as they didn't yell at the kids and the kids didn't yell at their mom's.

Then... I was blown away. One of the mothers started breast feeding one of her kids. Now wait a second, before anyone goes getting all women's rights on me, I'm not saying what she did was wrong in any way. It's a natural thing and quite honestly should be allowed any place any time. She's feeding her kid for Christ's sake. BUT, you knew there was a butt didn't you my question in case it wasn't obvious in the title... How old is too old for a kid to nurse. While I just stated my belief that a woman has every right to feed her child any time or place the need arises, I am curious at what point is the kid too old? The kid in todays example had to be nearly 4. By no means what I would consider a toddler. More of a borderline pre-schooler. On top of this, there was a second child of hers that was younger. That one was a toddler at best, not quite 2 yrs old or so.

Sooo, I'm not saying it's right or wrong because I don't honestly know what is the "norm" and what would be considered pushing the extreme. Neither of my kids were breast fred so I have no point of reference here. I'm not sure if it struck me as odd because of the age of the child or the fact that there was a younger one to boot. And I'll say it again, it was odd, not necessarily wrong. So, I would like some feedback by any and all that can enlighten and educate me. I've seen many a mother breast feed her child and this is the first time it's ever struck me as odd, and I keep asking myself why?

Do you have the answer?

Have a great weekend everyone and play wild but safe!

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