Noise Violations?  

DiscreetFtWayne 39M
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9/6/2006 1:35 pm
Noise Violations?

You ever wonder what the neighbors are thinking when your going at it in the middle of the day and you or your partner are moaning/screaming loudly?

That thought crossed my mind today. They see this stranger pull up to a house, go in, 5 minutes later they are hearing "God yes, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it! ohhhh gooooooood" etc... then it stops, 5 minutes later the stranger leaves. Shows up a week later, same thing. I caught some neighbors staring at me today as I left my friends place, even though they live in a house that is a decent ways away from them, and a tree line between them, it's obvious they heard something. For all I know they were standing outside the living room listening.

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