I Love Athens (in August anyway)  

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8/16/2005 12:13 am

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I Love Athens (in August anyway)

So as you can see I have not done my blogging the last couple of days, heck I haven’t even been in the chatrooms.

The truth is that I have found a new love for Athens here in August. The sun is shining (as always) but also something like half the population have jumped on a ferry in Piraeus and left to the islands.

So the traffic is manageable, sound level is down and it is possible to get tickets for the outdoor cinemas, and even the taxi drivers seems to be reverting to honesty these days.

So I’m lazy, been doing NOTHING at all. Just sitting in the sun at day and enjoying Athens when it cools down at night ‒ maximum chillout mode. But now I’m back, I just have to get my head up to speed and then we will meet at the chat or at my blog, see you around...

- Diligo

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