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Personal Pleasure

Although not exactly experienced advertisers, when we placed our advert we hoped to meet some interesting people and maybe have some saucy fun. We had received many replies from single men, which would be a completely new experience for us, and arranged to meet a selected few over a period of a few weeks. The first ones turned out to be disappointing. Although we had some enjoyable meals and chats, none were interesting enough for us to want to meet again.

Then we met P. On the phone he had sounded very direct, asking blunt questions about V's sexual likes and dislikes, her body and so on, but I felt his confidence and slightly dominant nature might be to Jana's liking. On the next Saturday afternoon, when our kids were away, we met up at a local pub, P living only 10 miles from us.

I could tell straight away that v liked him. He was about the same age as us, and had a good sun tan from a recent holiday. After a couple of drinks, he suggested going back to his place and said that he would love to see V's legs as she was wearing jeans at the time. After some discussion we actually agreed to go to his flat and followed him in our car. When we arrived, he put on an adult video and started asking Jana if she liked what she saw on the screen. He sat next to her on the couch and put an arm around her. Meanwhile I was browsing P's book collection and keeping a distant eye on their progress. As I looked out of the corner of my eye I saw that he had soon undone her blouse and had prised her breasts from her bra. She was kissing him passionately and feeling his crotch as he started to undo her jeans.

I felt my own excitement increasing and suddenly he stood up and taking v by the hand, announced that they were going into the bedroom. I watched with nervousness and excitement as she meekly followed. I didn't know whether to follow or not, but decided to leave them alone for a few minutes at least. After a short wait I entered the bedroom and saw P, completely naked, leaning over V's out-stretched body. She was naked except for her knickers which he was now removing. She beckoned to me to join them. As I stripped I glanced at P. His dark sun tan contrasted with the white area around his genitals, his manhood standing erect and thick.

He was well endowed, exactly as he had described himself. I leaned forward and Jana took my Penis in her mouth as P feasted himself on her cunt. The sounds of her moaning mixed with the slurping coming from down below as P was clearly relishing her wetness.

Then P and I both moved into position so we could each take a nipple in our mouth while v played with both tools slipping a condom on P tool first. P then went down on her again as I sat back and watched her face and expressions of ecstasy. As P slid up and down her body, licking her thighs, tummy and breasts, his cock got closer and closer to V's hole and suddenly he just slipped in, pushing hard into her. I don't know why, but I hadn't expected this to happen and was completely surprised. But they were both oblivious and P's thrusts gathered pace as V arched her back and then wrapped her legs around him, pulling him further in.

After what seemed ages of his energetic fucking, as surprisingly as it had begun, P withdrew and moved up the bed towards her face taking his condom off, holding his manhood and wanking vigorously. v sensed that he was about to come and grabbed his manhood, pointing it towards her small tits as he spurted his juice over her. I felt myself about to spurt too and directed it over her tummy as she rubbed his creamy load over her body. After a minute or two of petting and recovery, we all got dressed and got ready to leave in relative silence. P asked if he could see us again, and we agreed to phone. As we stood by the front door,V and P took another opportunity to grope and kiss as they said farewell, making me fear they were about to start all over again.

If we hadn't had to leave, I think they probably would have done too, but we were already late for a party we had promised to go to. We drove home in silence and didn't talk about it again until later when we got into bed. We were both still aroused and I enjoyed exploring all the pleasures Pete had had earlier. We never saw Pete again, but still enjoy these memories from time to time.

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