A Meeting to Remember part 2  

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5/3/2005 9:00 pm

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A Meeting to Remember part 2

To begin where I left off.....

He then began to lick my clit and work his tounge around in circles. Nibbling alittle on the hood and slipping his finger in and out of my wet throbbing pussy. Working me faster and faster. My hips wiggling more and more getting so hot and close to climax. He then stopped right before I was about to give in to him and shoved his thick hard cock into my pussy. Rambing me so hard I could feel it all over my body. My nails scratching his back and my moans getting louder as the pleasure rises. Finally I expload all over him letting out a scream of saticfaction while he continues to go deaper and harder makeing me cum yet again. He begins to slow the rythem down and then slowly pulls out and looks at me straight in the eyes.
I then push him down on the bed and kiss him. Then to return the favore I work my way down from his neck to his cheast and kiss my way all the way down. I grab his cock and kiss the tip of it and lick all around the top. Licking my way down on the underside of his dick working my way to his balls. I lick and fondle them with my free hand. While the other one continues to stroke his penis. Grabing the balls with my tounge and then sucking on them so gently. Making his leg twitch and his hips thurst more and more. Then leting the balls drop into my hand and head back to the top of his cock and shove the whole thing in my mouth down to the base. Coming back up slowly so he can feel my lips around him. Then working my way down again I work up to a fast rythem sucking him and feeling his cock throb even more. His groans of pleasure growing. Finally as he says he about to cum I grab his dick in my hand while my other hand is still playing with his balls, I start to stroke his cock till all his cum comes shooting out into my open mouth. Lapping up everything so no drops is left. Then I put my mouth back on the tip of his cock and work the rest of it out.
I look up at him and he has this smile that says it all. He then kisses me and says "Wow".

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