What is all about the Name?  

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6/7/2006 12:41 am

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What is all about the Name?

Actually, i'm not a Devil which have an evillic behaviour (maybe some,but who cares)
But it just because of i had decided to choose this name.
This is all about my nickname in A.F.F...

Devil May Cry is one of the best ever PS2 games. I was so addicted when i played this game for the first time. I love this game because is just not for a fun but the concept of art is marvellous and there is a nice fantasy background story behind it. And there is also some puzzle that you need to solve before going to next level and etc. But,mostly i like the character of hero name "Dante". There is some info about Dante. Until now, i have series of this game.

This is a view of this game.
In Devil May Cry, you assume the persona of Dante, the half-human, half-devil son of a legendary dark knight known as Sparda. A powerful and malevolent ruler of the underworld, whom Sparda vanquished 2,000 years ago, has awakened and, although Dante doesn't quite know it at the game's onset, he--like his father--has been chosen to defeat this evil being. At his aid, at least for portions of the game, is a beautiful woman named Trish, who invites Dante to Mallet Island, a gateway to the netherworld. The game's story, and much of its script for that matter, draws heavily from tired clich├ęs and presents generic plot points. But as Dante descends into the grimy underworld--a great place for blasting a wide variety of demons--it becomes clear that you must accept the game's formulaic story to fully appreciate the fine-tuned gameplay that it veils.

And one word that i cant forget in this awesome game is "Maybe the devils also may cry when they lost the loves one".

Just for your information....


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