What's happen next?  

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What's happen next?

60/40...Part two...

Right then I lost all reserved and squeezed her ass tightly, hearing her squeal again inside of my mouth. My hands roamed all over he firm ass globes, and she flexed her thighs, nearly squeezing the breath out of me. Once, my hand brushed a little lower between her ass crack and she jerked in my arms as I hit a sensitive spot. Our motions slowed but our hearts didn't, as I tentatively returned to that spot again. She jumped again, then pushed back down onto my hand. I followed her lead and stroked my fingers along her ass crack, down to her sweet, sweet pussy. I rubbed along her slit until she gasped and raised her head.
I said nothing and walked with her in my arms to the side of the pool. I set her on the edge and hoisted myself up out of the water. As I did, her hands ran along my rippled stomach and snagged onto the waistband of my trunks. I froze as her eyes locked onto the protruding bulge of my trunks. I held myself up and her fingers lightly danced across my navel, and she looked up at me with questioning eyes. I felt my heart melt again looking in her eyes, and wondered why I had never loved my sister this way. I've loved her so many ways, but now there was this.
We walked back through the doors and she took over the lead, taking me into her room. I now stood by her dresser, my wet trunks plastered against my thighs. My erection had started to droop as the consequences of what was about to happen hit me. I could see uncertainty in her eyes as well, and I said, "M", what's going on here? What are we doing?"

"M" sat on the edge of the bed and I sat down on the floor.

She was blushing furiously now, and lowered her head. My eyes nearly popped out of my sockets as I sat there on the floor looking at this amazing creature. Right before me she just crumbled and tears spilled down her cheeks.
We closed in together and slowly, our lips met. She shuddered and I reached a hand up to her neck. We sat there on my bed, kissing deeply and lost in the moment. I began to kiss along her neck, and she reached up and pulled aside the strap of her bikini top. I kissed along her shoulder and down her arm. I raised my head and she unhooked the top, slowly pulling it away to reveal her breasts. A small gasp escaped my lips as she arched her back and grabbed my neck, lowering my mouth to her nipple. Just before I reached it, I breathed in deeply, smelling the suntan-lotion, sweat, and chlorine mixed with her skin. It's a smell I'll never forget to this day.

My lips encircled her left nipple, and she gasped out loud and held me tightly as I began to suck. I licked and nibbled and rolled her nipple until it stood out predominately on it's own. My right hand came up and filled itself with her heaving breast. I slid it along the entire breast, under, around, on top, over the nipple. She moaned and tilted her head back in ecstasy. Quickly I filled my mouth with her right tit, sucking in as much flesh of her breast as I could. I loved the sensation, the feeling, and then I got another as he searching hands grasped onto my cock. Her right hand pulled back the elastic waist and her left dove instantly inside, grasping the shaft.
It was my turn to squirm, as he mashed her lips onto mine and pulled on my cock. I moaned back into her mouth as she tugged on the meat. I decided it was time for action. I pulled her hands away and she looked up at me.
She lay back on her mattress, her breasts jiggling with each breath. I took in the glorious sight and peeled the wet trunks off. She simply stared at my straining cock, my balls now dangling loosely. "M" was mesmerized and traced my shaft with her eyes. The veins stood out and pre-cum now topped the tip.
I leaned down over her body and licked along her nipples once gain. I slowly dragged my tongue down her stomach and tickled her sides. She giggled and I laughed too. My sweet "M", still so ticklish. My sweet "M", who I was about to make love to.

to be continued....LL


Devil_MayCry5 37M
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6/25/2006 11:44 pm

farm_girl > gotcha!

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