Desperate Housewives having Sex in the City  

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1/18/2006 3:13 am

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Desperate Housewives having Sex in the City

So I wanted to explore the types of women I am seeking and hoping to meet. Granted I know this women are not real, but there are based on types of women out there. Yes I have watched these shows, but consider it research to better understand the brain of a woman. So with that being said.....

Sex and the City
I'd probably marry the Charlotte York character because she is sweet, beautiful and would make a wonderful wife. The sex would be romantic and meaningful. The more reserved of the bunch, however the most positive and hopeful. The type of energy you always want to be around.

I would want to date and have sex with Samantha Jones. She is those type of women that you have sex with and days later masturbate thinking of how great the sex was. She lives for the moment and is passionate in whatever she does. She is independent and strong, not afraid to be who is and proud of her sexual being.

Desperate Housewives
Never seen one episode of this show, however I did buy season 1 on dvd. Still have yet to unwrap it.

Susan Mayer would be the one I would be dating, because I think there is something about Teri Hatcher that I like. Has that funny personality that would bring a smile to my face and the sexy able that would awaken me each time.

Gabrielle Solis is every young man's fantasy women. The sex would be great, no strings attached and she has a man who provides for her financially. What more could one ask for?

Edie Britt however would be just about sex. I would rank her with the same appeal as Samantha Jones. Might be envied by her fellow females friends, but she claims her space and has all eyes on her.>>!
So based on profile content and picture alone, this are the women of AdultFriendFinder I would enjoy meeting based upon the above information and characteristics. Next to them would be the person who they remind me of.

imyummey = Charlotte York

daisy_lincoln = Samantha Jones

roxygirl4you = Gabrielle Solis

SexyBatgirl2 = Charlotte York

1asianjuicebox = Edie Britt

pleasurevictim69 = Susan Mayer

XXXFun4U2004 = Edie Britt

amazingrace100 = Samantha Jones

Mavrider = Edie Britt

kitinskitty = Gabrielle Solis

Jenwilldoyou = Susan Mayer

Other Cities
TennisMaiden = Charlotte York

PlanoPlaymate = Gabrielle Solis

Lacherie69 = Edie Britt

sunnyday0 = Samantha Jones

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