So to the other stuff on my mind today.  

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7/4/2006 10:57 am

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So to the other stuff on my mind today.

Tonight I should be excitedly packing my bags, and in the words of John Denver, I should be leaving on a jet plane. I do know when I am due back home though, Thursday evening.

Between now and Thursday I was to spend some time with friends making merry in the city that has been witness to one of the most uplifting moments in my life. We were hoping to return on Saturday, same country, different city.

Yes, I am an football supporter and I have a ticket for tomorrow evenings World Cup semi final in Munich. I was in Munich, though ticketless, when England beat Germany 5-1 all that time ago and it was fabulous. The place does have a footballing history for me too.

I was brought up in Germany and Munich was the first place I ever went to watch a live football match.

I'm not going though, two of us have dropped out and two are still going (they will sell the spare tickets). I have never seen a world cup semi final and I don't want too until I can see England in one. A little like your first Wembley trip, don't go until you can see your club play. Luckily I have done, though only twice, once in a final and once in a semi final. It makes you savour the experience a little more I think.

So tomorrow I will work whilst Portugal and France prepare to play.

Oh for that icy German efficiency.

Allez les Bleus!


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