Innocent Weekend Suprises, Part II  

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5/10/2005 12:42 am

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Innocent Weekend Suprises, Part II

Well, blog readers, I've finally gotten it up. Sorry for the delay, but the story seemed to unfold over the week. For those coming into this for the first time, you may want to read Part I about 3 posts back.


We danced in a cloud of desire until 2am. We swam in it, neither allowing the other exit from it. In the heat of the club air, our bodies moved slowly and smoothly in time to the perpetual beat from the speakers. This is The Body Electric. I slipped my leg between hers as
we swayed, and she owned it - took control of it. As her eyes slowly closed, she let the most primitive urges of her body take over. Now, there was no thought, no desire, except what compelled her to ongulate and grind slowly against my strong masculine thigh. My body was hers, she had the power to do with it what she pleased, and that was all she knew.

And so it went most of the night. We were thoroughly into each other. I took her to the bar to get water, but we were both oblivious to any other thirst. So the ice-cold bottle became yet another opportunity to play with the senses; I ran the bottom of it along her flesh from the top of her sternum, across the bridge of her throat to her chin, watching droplets slowly condense amist the quivering of shallow breaths. At the end of the night, we were called back into reality by the party she came with - the marital issues of her brother and his wife. Apparently, he was having his own fun on the dance floor with other ladies, and his wife didn't approve. Susan gave me her phone number, and I agreed to call the following week. Why would she beg me to promise her? Would I be stupid enough not to?

[The morning after]

The next morning came rudely, shocking me out of sleep to witness the sun piercing through my hotel window in all its unabashed glory. My hands, lips, and chest still gave off her scent. I found myself unconsciously massaging my sensitive nipples, and became suddenly aware of a throbbing morning erection. This definitely has to be a pheromone thing. I've got to call this girl.


The invention of the cellular phone is both mans greatest communications marvel, and the source all too much torment. The irony is in how much
time two people with non-stop connectivity can spend playing "phone tag". For Susan and I, it had been going on for a couple days until...

Susan: Hello?

Me: Susan - it's Shawn.

Susan: Oh my God! I was hoping you wouldn't give up calling...

We talked for a few minutes, trying to ignore the bustle of teaming office chatter behind her. Interesting that she gave me her work number.
Maybe I was too caught up in the moment of trying to reach her that I didn't see the writing on the wall until the wall itself fell on me.

Susan: Well, look, It's hectic here, and I need to get back to work. Why don't you call me at my other number later.

Me: Sure! Let me get something to write on. Okay, give it to me.

(Another interesting thing: Colorado Springs is a 719 area code. What did she just give me?)

Me: Susan - was that a cell phone number?

Susan: Yeah.

Me: You don't want me to call you at home?

Susan: (pause) well, umm...

Me: There's someone at home, isn't there? Husband or boyfriend?

Susan: (longer pause)... umm... husband

Me: Goodbye, Susan

Susan: (even longer pause) Sorry. Maybe I'll see...

[dial tone]

And women say men play games. Well, maybe we're just better at it. In any case, that didn't feel like a game. Chess is a game. Baseball is a game. That was a waist of time.

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