Hollywood money  

DeltaCowboy41 54M
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5/19/2006 9:24 pm
Hollywood money

Whats the deal with the money? Used to be the portraits on the money were earned, and were put there as a sign of respect and thanks from the country to the memory of great people. Now they have been changed...not all of them (yet), but most of them.
The most obvious of the changes is on the $20 bill. The portrait on the old bill looked like Andrew Jackson. There are plenty of paintings from his time to confirm this. Now it looks like Henry Fonda.
Take a look at the $50 bill - Looks a lot like Barry Corbin now. The $5 bill even looks like Steve Railsback.
I have not been able to place the new $100 bill portrait yet, but it has certainly changed a lot.
You can see the bills on the U.S. treasury website where they show how to detect counterfeit bills.
The final straw for me oddly enough is the new 2006 nickle. This has an almost head on portrait. Thomas Jefferson with bangs?!? This looks like Mel Gibson with a really bad haircut.
Sigh....Whats the world coming too?

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