We Aren't All Fake  

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8/1/2005 2:52 am

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We Aren't All Fake

I'm so tired of hearing men complain about the women on here being "fake." I assure you, many of us aren't. I know I'm real. Oh men, men, men...how many of you are guilty of lying on your profile, sending out fake pics, just looking for cyber sex with no real intention of meeting? The longer I stay on this site, the more I realize I could have written one hell of a psychology thesis based on my experiences here. Often comical, as well as intriguing.

A perfect example of a man's untruth's...unfortunately this is fact, not in the least bit fiction. Some time ago I had chatted with a polite gentleman for a couple of weeks. His profile stated he was 46, professionally employed, looking for a "real" relationship, and so forth, and the picture he had posted gave him the appearance of being just such, as well as easy on the eyes. After a handful of phone conversations, my intuition sensed that something just wasn't quite right. He told the same stories more than once, and each time, they differed. And then he proclaimed that he had purchased a gift for me in anticipation of our meeting for drinks.

Ok...I should've ended contact there, I know, but my psychological nirvana kicked in and he became more of a study than an interest. I had 2 numbers for him, his home as well as his cell. He would call stating he was out doing this, or attending that, either not realizing he was calling me from his home phone, or assuming my "blondness" wouldn't recognize such. The night we were to meet for drinks at a local establishment, he called an hour before and said he had a terrible headache, lol. I assured him it wasn't a problem, and that we could meet another time. After a brief conversation, he decided that it would be nice for me to drop by his place, that his head would surely ease by the time I arrived.

I'm not stupid, mind you. I called a trusted assistant and gave him the phone numbers and address of where I was heading. But, as I mentioned, my psychological nature had taken over, and knew that he was one of those who glorify themselves...something we women are accused of many times on this site. And I wanted to call him on it. As I was en route, he called again, and asked if I'd pick up a bottle of wine, giving me the exact description of what he preferred. Uh huh...this was going to be a real winner.

When I arrived, he was in a pair of shorts, no shirt, and at least 50-60 lbs heavier than he had admitted. He apologized for his appearance and disappeared to dress. The livingroom was decorated a la "pervert stuck in the 70's who apparently thought he was the king of smooth." A duplex no less, for which he claimed he owned and rented out the other side, but I knew right away that wasn't the case. He reappeared in Magnum PI-type attire...white pants and Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned to his waist. He would've been better off staying in the shorts and no shirt. The outfit, along with the bad rug covering his head, and the obvious fact that he was much older than 46 gave me the impression of "cheesy used car salesman."

The pic on his profile had to be of a younger brother, or him taken some time before...like a decade before. I could barely hold back my laughter, but managed to do so, as I always try to be polite. We sat and chatted for awhile, and then excused myself to the restroom. I had to pass his bedroom to access the restroom, and I peered in as I did so. There was one of those cheap full-length mirrors, turned sideways, mounted next to his bed. I couldn't contain my laughter any longer. When I returned to the livingroom he admitted he was much older than 46...like it wasn't obvious. I acted as if it didn't phase me, but told him I would need to be going soon due to an early meeting the next morning, which was true.

I was in hysterics all the way home. Most women would've been pissed off, especially since he never presented me with the gift he supposedly bought me, lol. I received a call from him early the next morning stating that he was afraid of getting too attached to me too soon, lol. I let it go. I know, I should have shouted at the top of my lungs..."screw you, you lying, rug-headed cheesy pervert." But, I almost felt sorry for him, and as I said, I try to be polite.

This is just to prove to you men that some of you are just as guilty of online "fakeness." But a word to the wise: Don't plan on meeting with us if you're not sincere. Most don't find this as amusing as I do, and have a tendency to be very vengeful. I think that's when the phrase "psycho bitch" falls into place. And rightly so.

wayne340 70M

8/3/2005 1:26 am

'Def', I know you tire of seeing my mug, but I just Had to reply to this one. GOD, what a helluva night you must have went through. You must, indeed, have the patience of Job and the wisdom of a saint, by not going all nuclear right there when you saw the mirror !! (That might have been your present...LOL... he would have unbolted it for you to take home as a souvenir of a passionate night....NOT !!!
One other small tidbit I found fascinating = He KNEW you were headed to his place, yet he did not change clothes until AFTER you arrived, and made such a grand gesture of apologizing.
*****Freud Would Have A Field Day*****

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/3/2005 5:29 am

Wayne, you just cannot imagine, lol. My narrative doesn't even begin to cover that night. It was one of those I wish I could've taped for posterity, or better yet, to teach seminars to men on what we don't want. And yes, to quote you, "Freud would have had a field day." Always enjoy your banter...think you missed your calling as a professional comedian, and I as a psychologist-sex therapist, lol.

wayne340 70M

8/4/2005 3:33 pm

AAWWWWW, you're great !!!!! And you hit on the ONE thing that makes me hush up real quick = a compliment !!!!
*******Shucks, Ma'am, T'werent Nothin*******

dieharddrummerbo 55M

8/8/2005 10:32 pm

i hope you haven't had too many of those, def. as i keep telling myself, nothing ventured, nothing gained, but give me a break. here's a tat for your tit. just this weekend i finally got to meet a woman who i have been communicating with in chat and by phone for several weeks. she was a friend of a friend so i thought it was cool. thru talking, i learned she was everything i've been looking for sexually, without going into details, and she appeared to show the same interest in me. so i invited her to the gig fri nite. she showed up, we got along great, she visited with the wives and friends of the band and danced while i was on stage. we spent every break talking together, she stayed till closing. we went to the parking lot and visited with friends for awhile. as the group began to dwindle, i walked her to her car which was around the corner, out of site from mine. we began to kiss and fondle and when we couldn't stand it any longer i asked if she wanted to follow me to my place, to which she responded quite enthusiastically. so i walked back to my truck, not 20 seconds away, got in and pulled around to where she was parked and she was gone! i drove around the parking lot twice, not a trace! what the hell? i've since tried phoning and e-mailing with absolutely no response. what am i to think? psycho? head case? couldn't even give me a thanks but no thanks or an explanation? maybe in the 30 seconds i was gone she and her car were abducted by aliens. i'm at a loss. what do you think?

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/9/2005 9:30 am

Shame Diehard. I'd go with the alien explanation. The others just leave that bad taste in your mouth about sincere and polite women actually existing...and we do. The fact that she left in such manner and has refused your attempts at contact just show you how immature some can be. Although the truth is always best in these situations, some just can't be adult enough to deliver such. My opinion? You're probably better off that she left instead of finding out later down the road that she was obviously mistrusting and a drama queen. Bet the aliens opt to keep the car and return her quickly. Wayne? Any comments on this one? You've been kind of quiet while I've been away...

wayne340 70M

8/9/2005 4:59 pm

OH, HELL YEAH, I've got a helluva comment = I'm posting my story on your "We aren't all fake" Blog because I now honestly believe the three of us, 'dieharddrummerbo', 'DefiniteTrouble' and 'wayne340' are peas in a pod !!!
This is absolutely TRUE = I have a profile and eight pictures posted on another singles dating site. I got a letter from a woman who was interested in me. The profile stated 52 and body type 'curvy'. There was one photo posted and it looked like a lady in her late 40's to early 50's, as the age stated. Emails were exchanged, and I made the 125 mile drive to a town east of Nashville, which I will not tell here. No problem finding her place, a nice enough house in a nice subdivision.
I rang the doorbell, then reality hit like a shovel, SPLAT!, in my face. This woman was older than the picture posted, and remember the 'curvy' ??? Well, let's say the curves were paved over with about 80 pounds of pavement !!! They simply did not exist.
Now, you guys realize, that me being me, I did not get all rude and ballistic, but sat on the couch, drinking a coke and watching the Nascar race. Then dinner was served. It was a pleasant meal, during which she owned up to being 10 years older, and that her finger had hit the wrong key, and the site would not let her change it back. (Ever hear of CANCELLATION? Then placing another profile??)
So, that question was answered, then throughout a series of her telling she had every ailment known to man, that was why the pounds (and I use that word lightly), were there!!!!!
I waited until the race was over, (I wanted to enjoy SOMETHING), and I abruptly stood up and muttered, "Well, I don't think this will work out for us, thanks for the meal, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Five minutes later I was crossing I-40!!!!!!!
So, the three of us are DESTINED to sit somewhere and empty a half gallon of Crown Royal !!!!!
*****Cheers, My Friends*****

dieharddrummerbo 55M

8/10/2005 10:21 pm

dude, i'll pitch in for the bottle! lol! seems like we have a remote little 3-way going on here( don't read anything in to that you!@#$%^&*()_@#$%^&*()_|,dwayne!) but i think we should meet,just for "shits and giggles" so they say. we seem to be the only ones "ALIVE"

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/11/2005 5:16 am

lmfao, Wayne. Again, what the hell are people thinking when they send out pics that aren't accurate? Before I agree to meet with someone, I often insist they view me on cam just to reassure them they're getting what they expect visually. NO, I'm not naked, lol.

I had a medical situation that caused me to pack on some pounds at the first of the year. I donated a kidney and was required to gain 35 pounds before the surgery. Gaining the weight was so easy and almost fun. I ate like there was no tomorrow. I think I was on the verge of being tossed from a local Chinese restaurant at one point, lol. Post-op really sucked. Not only did I have the additonal 32 pounds...didn't quite make the full 35, but I was retaining fluid causing an additional 10 lbs to be floating around. On my 5'5" and normally petite frame, it wasn't pretty. I had to avoid strenuous exercise for some time, so it wasn't going anywhere fast, and since I'd gotten so used to eating all day long, I stayed hungry. Really sucked. Did I mention it sucked, lol? Anyway, doc finally released me to routine exercise, and all is well in the world again. But oh man, at my age it was a difficult struggle to lose, even with a monitored diet, yoga, and an intense cardio workout daily. I don't go for the "I have a medical condition that causes me to be overweight." There are too many treatments available to help these days. You have to have determination, willpower, and above all, desire. Can't be achieved lying on the couch, eating bon-bons and watching Oprah.

Thank God you were polite, as well as honest. I think everyone, men and women alike, would rather have someone be honest upfront rather than wait for the phone not to ring the following day. By the way, after driving that far, I would've stayed for dinner and the race, too, lol.

Diehard...just like in the group chat, it's mainly the 3 of us doing all the chatting. I like this better, though. If I don't like what you have to say, I can delete you, lol....oh, the power! lol

Cheers (smacks coffee cup against monitor)

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/11/2005 11:56 am

Well, seems I've been reprimanded because I went and met this guy, lol. How could I have not? I knew he was perfectly harmless. I had to call him on his lies and cheesiness...damn. Like I said, my inner psychologist was raging. Besides, I was packing a .38 and had back-up. Again, I'm not stupid.

wayne340 70M

8/15/2005 11:56 pm

Who reprimanded you ? Are you talking about the lying guy with the mirror attached to the bed, and someone reprimanding you for going to see him ?? You had no way of knowing the outcome, just as I had no way of knowing the posting and the picture I viewed were false. We were victimized, just like the "Bait and Switch" scam.
I hope you don't believe for one iota that I posted my story to reprimand you, that was not in any way my intent. I wanted to share with you the amazing PARALLEL to our stories, and the way we were both duped into an uncomfortable situation, for the plain and simple fact that we were TRUSTING the other person to be as honest as we were being. The last thing I would ever want to do would be to upset you, or anyone. That is not the fiber of my being. I hope you forgive me. I was merely sharing an experience.
*******It Could Happen To Anyone*******

wayne340 70M

8/16/2005 12:17 am

Re: Donation of kidney. WOW !! You are really something, that is a tremendous sacrifice. No doubt you did this to save someone's life?
I certainly hope the recipient is doing well. May the many Blessings of Life be bestowed upon you.
******I'm Proud To Know You, Friend******

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/16/2005 7:43 am

Yes, the recipient was my father, but unfortunately, the kidney began to fail a few weeks ago, my reasoning for being absent from the www for a short period of time. However, other options have been sought, he's recovering nicely, I'm home once again, and all is well with the world...for today anyway, lol. Thanks...you're a sweetie. (pssssssst...have missed your banter!)

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/16/2005 8:58 pm

LOL...no Wayne, it wasn't you who reprimanded me. I missed your post on that this morning...was lost in the mustache story, lol. It was Nick...it's in another post on here somewhere...just making sure I was going to be cautious and reminding me of how dangerous it can be for some of us. LMAO...but I couldn't pass up meeting the Magnum-PI- wanna-be with the mirror. Had to see that for myself...and wish everyone could've been there with me.

I assure you, I knew what I was facing before I ever agreed to meet him, and he tried to back out...he knew the jig was up. I wasn't about to let him...had to call him on it. Just too damn funny.

You know I adore you and Diehard, love the banter, and respect your opinions...reprimand all you like if you feel the need. (NO...a paddle or whip is not included in that deal, lol)

wayne340 70M

8/25/2005 10:29 am

Good afternoon, 'definite'. I'm back catching up on your blog, and all the other postings in this group. I am so relieved that you did not think I was the reprimander, and I am extreemly honored and flattered that you like my messages and stories.
I was absolutely 100% correct when I said you were a saint !! Imagine the irony in it all = Your father gave you life and now many years later you had an opportunity to give him back life !!! Too bad the kidney has begun to fail, but, so glad to hear that there are other alternative solutions available.
Tomorrow the 26th I cease to be a paying member on that other site, the one that produced my "Twilight Zone Date" LOL-LOL I updated my profile and hinted just a little about honesty, plus the fact that a huge proportion of the women stated they want their date to pull down $ 100,000.00 plus annually. I further stated that a man earning that much would probably already have a wife or several girlfriends and would not be on the site, anyway !!! (I now have about 10,000 women who want to go out on a date with me just to fit me with cement shoes for a dip in Percy Preist Lake - LOLOLO
Stay Cool, my friend !!!!! Wayne

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/26/2005 5:32 am

Again, where the hell have you been???!!! (Please refer to "I Need Your Help" for further reprimanding.)

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/27/2005 7:11 pm

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WAYNE!!!!! You dropped by today and didn't even say hello!!!! Didn't even leave a note on the door. Damn. (Heading to Wal-Mart to get the deluxe double-sized iron skillet...)

DefiniteTrouble 51F

10/2/2005 8:38 am

LMFAO T...you must have gotten really bored to back through all these.

wayne340 70M

10/8/2005 2:01 am

(((Quietly sneaking into the BLOG))) Hello, 'def', it's the wayward 'wayne340' stopping by for his skillet to the head. BUT...I do have a half-assed lame excuse = I was posting in several other groups perchance I would get 'lucky'. There were a few lukewarm replies but other men grabbed them away. They lived closer. I get several women and couples in my "Who's Viewed Me" list, but the majority of them live 500 miles or more away. I guess they click on my profile because they are curious...HEH, HEH, HEH. Most are standard members and could not write anyway, just as I am.
*****CLANG !!! Goes The Skillet Upon My Noggin*****

Bluesguy1962 55M
98 posts
10/10/2005 8:10 am

I love your very erotic writings...You are a wonderful lady............

wayne340 70M

10/27/2005 8:34 am

I dropped by to catch up on reading your Blog and (ducks as the skillet goes whizzing by my head), WOW, that was close !!! Your aim is getting better = LOLOLOLOLOLOL
*******Always Enjoy Your Stories*******

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