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8/13/2005 4:23 pm

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No Truer Words...

"There is no more profound, potent, or potentially spiritual conduit for the expression of our desire than sex." -Kabbalah

It's comical. Most everyone in their younger days has experienced a on-night-stand. Some, I'm sure, still do. You go to a club, have a few drinks, the music's great, someone asks you to dance. You have a few more drinks, dance a little more, perhaps kiss, and before you know it, you're sans clothes engaged in what you think is heated passion. The next morning you wake up, head pounding, and not only have you forgotten his name, you can't find your favorite pair of panties. You spend the remainder of the day screening your calls, praying he doesn't call, not because you didn't enjoy yourself, but because you don't even really remember what he looked like. It's happened more than not. Thankfully, we grow up. Well, most of us anyway.

My appreciation for "spiritual" eroticism developed somewhere in my late twenties. Due to my thirst for knowledge and an overactive libido, I began studying, if you will, such subjects as Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex, and the possibility of the existence of sexual soulmates. Luckily, I had been a student of Yoga for several years, so this helped me to assume the suggested positions with little difficulty. Finding someone who had a clue to what I was talking about was often difficult, much less getting them to actually participate.

Over the years I have learned that there is such a thing as magnetic chemistry. The feeling you get in your stomach when the person walks in the room, the heat you feel deep within when your eyes lock, the passion of the kiss is like no other. I'm not talking about flirtations with someone that happen over time and develop into something more. It's immediate. You know right away that at some point your sexual curiosities will have to be satisfied. Your life will not be complete until. It may not happen the moment you meet, but you both know it's eventual. It may only happen once due to circumstances and obligations. It may be ongoing bliss spanning over a long period of time. It might last forever. Regardless, it will happen. And it'll be the most erotic, sensual experience of your life. One fantasies are made you'll never forget.

Sexual soulmates? Perhaps. Touching and tasting every inch of one another's body, often creating a level of arousal where penetration can be prolonged, or completely forgotten. Yes, it really happens. Your bodies engaged in something much like what an out-of-body experience must feel like once penetration does occur. Lost in total rapture, everything becomes a blur except the two of you. You lay in total silence after. No words are needed.

Yes, it really happens...

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/13/2005 6:05 pm


rm_mtnravyn 61M
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8/13/2005 7:01 pm

"Eros is ultimately the energy of divine creativity. In the transfiguration of the sensuous, the wildness of eros and the playfulness of the soul come into lyrical rhythm." O'Donohue I too have worked with teachers in Tantric Yoga and found that as I got older thtte practice kept me much more active than many of my peers. It is amazing to me that more people do not pursue a teacher in those realms, especially when I keep hearing "I made a porr choice"

I also agree that finding kindred spirits (sexual soulmates??) is very difficult but I have never stopped trying. I appreciated your description vrery much and would call that blissful when it occurs and once you have experienced it you chase it forever.

It is part of a deeper mystery, the kind that catwalks over the marrow of our spines, the kind that wakes awe deep in our chests and makes our ribs reverberate with their sacred tones. The kind that we may experience, but only briefly at any given time. The kind that is not shared precipitously because of its intensity and mystery. Often there is no conscious understanding, only the certainty that the path for our soul connection lies along the path to the understanding of that mystery. There is a magnetism to that seeking which, for some, cannot be ignored, only taken in small doses. This begins to touch on some of those answers I have not been able to verbalize but there is more I want to know.

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/13/2005 7:59 pm

Yes, once you've experienced such, it's hard to settle for anything less. The search can be frustrating...overwhelming at times. Perhaps it is best to stop searching at some point, and let nature take it's course. I may never experience such a connection again. It may have been my once in a lifetime. I'd like to believe paths will cross in due time, just as they did before, but it's hard to grasp ever feeling such passion again.

There was never any understanding of what was shared between us. Only that it was immediate. A passing glance in a crowded room, and we knew. At that brief moment, it was almost as if our souls became one. A connection to never be lost or forgotten. It's with you every moment of every day. You awake at night and feel the presence come over you. Your future together is certain, although not in the physical sense, but deep within your soul. Is it "forever?" Some say "forever" doesn't exist. Were you brought together by chance, or does destiny exist? Was it your "once in a lifetime," or a prelude to something much deeper yet to surface? Unanswered questions remain, and perhaps always will.

dabritbikerw3 65M
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8/17/2005 6:30 am

I believe that I know of what you speak. I have had a personality that when it was working well, could fill a room with my entry. Sometimes my reputation preceded me, sometimes it was because of something I did upon arrival or the commotion I stirred when I got there. Sometimes it was just the way I displayed myself.

But the conjugations that occured after such an event were always short lived, never more than a year. I guess I, or the other, just never lived up to the advertising.

A few have made the best and most harrowing experiences.

DefiniteTrouble 51F

8/19/2005 10:05 pm

This wasn't short-lived. Once you find such, your souls remain a part of one another, perhaps until death. Time will tell.

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