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My ex-lover and I were on a late flight to view some potential investment properties. We were both exhausted, and I could tell he was quite tense and uptight as he worked feverishly on his laptop finishing up paperwork on previous purchases and sales from the week. I ordered him a double shot of bourbon then coaxed him out of his jacket and removed his tie, then tossed them on the seats facing us. First-class was virtually empty, and I found the solitude relaxing enough to forget about work and spend my time flipping through the latest issue of Cosmo. One article in particular caught my eye regarding the best ways to relieve stress, and my mind began a devilish process all it's own.

By now my lover was amid total frustration as the day's exhaustion was wearing thin. I began rubbing his neck to which he responded positively, and he actually closed his eyes and rested his head back on the seat. While one hand continued to rub his neck, my other hand loosened a couple of buttons on his shirt, and I softly ran my nails across his chest. He ordered another double shot and proceeded to type away as I continued to lightly massage his neck and chest. Faking coldness, I reached for his jacket and covered myself, laid my head lightly on his shoulder, and began gently stroking his upper thigh. Assuming I was planning to drift off, he repositioned himself to allow me more comfort, my head on his chest and arm across his waist.

He continued to work, although his pace had slowed somewhat, obviously distracted by my nails caressing both his upper thighs, my hand lightly grazing his crotch as I moved from thigh to thigh. He once again laid his head back and closed his eyes, this time letting out a low, quiet moan of approval. His crotch wasn't visible to the naked eye thanks to the table pulled snuggly close with the laptop perched on top. I reached into my purse and pulled out the small travel bottle I always carry filled with baby oil gel. It's a must have for me when I travel for it's multitude of uses, such as easy eye-make-up removal, skin moisturizer, etc., without the mess of regular baby oil.

I repositioned myself...head on his chest, arm around his waist, this time draping his jacket over me so it covered his zipper. Unaware of the item I had retrieved from my purse, and not knowing what I had in mind, he remained with his eyes closed and head back against the seat in total relaxation. I once again began stroking his thighs, this time stopping to tease his crotch a bit more with each stroke. I looked up to find a slight smile on his face, his eyes still closed, and was pleased to find a nice erection building as my attention focused solely on his crotch. As I loosened his belt, he became a bit startled, so I quietly reassured him and coaxed him into laying back and relaxing.

I undid his trouser button, and slowly pulled down his zipper. I slid my hand inside his boxers and teased the head of his cock with my fingertips. I began caressing the head slowly then worked my way seductively down his shaft. It was then that I produced the baby oil gel from my lap, and put a good-sized amount on my hand. The whispered moan that escaped from his mouth as I began stroking his cock with my lubricated hand made met instantly wet. I lubricated the entire length of his cock, then increased my grip as I concentrated on the head. I now had one hand massaging the head of his cock while the other stroked the length of his shaft.

He whispered several naughty thoughts through his moans, his eyes remaining closed as his obvious orgasm approached. I watched as his facial muscles tightned slightly, then felt the warm cum release across the top of my hand. My own arousal stirred under my skirt and I could feel a slight wetness on my inner thigh. He laid back for a few moments regaining his composure, kissed me deeply, and promised that once we reached our awaiting car, he would graciously return the favor. The remainder of the flight was very relaxing for us both, but a frenzied state overtook him as we headed for the waiting car...

Fact or fiction? You decide.

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