The Harem Chronical's----- The Slave Girl.  

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The Harem Chronical's----- The Slave Girl.

The morning after I met my new owner dawned in the harem. I was handed over to the waiting hands of a young slave girl and stood numbly as she bathed me in the large bathing room.

I kept my eyes lowered but I could feel the eyes of those surrounding me. My pale skin stood out among the exotic women with there dark hair and eyes.

The women around me where in various stages of undress while slave girls and eunuch's serviced them. Across from me in the cold pool an ebony skinned goddess floated on her back with pert breast's pointing to the ceiling.

I blushed at the sight of her black nipples cresting the watter. The tight curls of her sex made tinny waves at the junction of her thighs as she slowly scissored her leg's to keep herself afloat.
Other beauties bathed in the watter or lounged decorously on the pool's edges.

I was given a cup and told to drink. The honeyed liquid was bitter on my tongue but cooling so I drank deeply. As the drugged drink began to take affect I was lead to a low couch and told to rest.

As my lid's grew heavy I felt soft hands kneading away the soreness from last night. I felt a divine sense of pleasure when the slave girl stroked her healing oils into my belly and inner thighs.

Thoughts, feelings and sensations swirled around me in colorful waves and I arched like a cat with pleasure under her caressing hands. My spirit freed by the drug in my veins I crested wave after wave of pleasure.

Under the influence of the drug I couldn't control myself. A soft sigh sounding like a pur escaped my lip's and to my shame I spread my thighs for access as the massage turned more intimate.

Her nimble fingers prodded and caressed my sex soothing the soreness until all that was left was pleasure.

I felt a hot wetness between my thighs caressing my sex and opened my eyes. There between my leg's feasting on my secret place was the slave girl.

Her eyes were open and looking up at me imploring me to let her continue. I reached my hand to push her away but my fingers because caught in her long hair anchoring her to me.

I began to shake as never before felt sensations coursed through me and I felt my hip's buckle on the couch.

The slave girl anchored herself to me with her arm's around my thighs and seemed to ride me as she plundered my sex with her tongue.

I cried out as waves of pleasure crested then broke over me washing me away with sweet sensation.

As the feelings subsided I felt the little slave girl pull away from me. I looked around the pools of the harem where several smiling and amused faces looked on.

My education in the harem had just began.

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