Kassey and Peggy  

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Kassey and Peggy

Sometimes the unexpected happens in life.

My ex came back into town the other night while my husband was away and I had the chance to see her again. We had parted as friends when she had moved out of the area and I had nothing but good things to say about her to my current girl friend so I wasn't surprised when Kassey asked if she got to meet Peggy.

I thought about getting my two best girls together and smiled. Neither of them were the jealous type and I loved them both but they were complete opposites.

Kassey was a complete tomboy who could shine like a jewel while playing with the boys. She played video games on the weekend with my husband and was the trophy girl for the local race track.

Peggy on the other hand was pure city lights. She loved dressing up in sexy outfit's and going out to shine.

The way I saw it they had two things in common. They were both the hottest women I had ever met in there own way and they both loved me.

Kassey showed up at my house about a half hour before Peggy was due. She looked like a school girl with her hair in pig tails and her short school girl skirt. My girl had worn my favorite outfit and and as I leaned in for a hug and a kiss I could smell the chocolate raspberry body oil I had given her.

Peggy ran late as expected of her and showed up wearing just enough clothes to keep her from being arrested. Her white tank top showed the puffiness of her nipples and her glorious black curly hair had gotten ever longed brushing the curve of her ass as she walked past me to get into the house. I knew without being told she wasn't wearing panties under the sarong she had tied low on her hips.

We sat in the living room talking and the pain was bittersweet seeing her again. Peggy and I had both moved on and I truly loved Kassey but I had loved Peggy first.

I mentioned that I had kept her toy chest just as she left it under the bed and she was welcome to take it with her if she liked when she went. Peggy's eyes lit up and she asked if she could see it so we moved upstairs.

The small cedar chest revealed forgotten treasures but I was a little uneasy when Kassey joined us.

Kassey fingered the sex toys and lingerie laid out on the bed then learned over to whisper in Peggy's ear.

Peggy's face lit up with a smile and she took Peggy in her arms sensually. I heard her say she would be more then happy to show her how her toys worked.

The air was charged with a sweet sexual energy and I stayed out of the play as they casually discussed how each toy was used and it's merit's. Kassey seemed to truly want to know how we had used each toy and asked for demonstrations.

I looked on as Peggy sucked on the end of her 19 inch double ended dildo then casually knelt and lifted Kassey's skirt. Kassey leaned back on the bed and spread her legs as the long pink rubber cock was inserted.

I watched as Peggy positioned herself then took the remaining half and inserted it into her own pussy. Kassey moaned a little when they bumped clits and I felt my self get even wetter then I was already, the play was starting to get serious.

I couldn't help but admire the way there pussy's made the other even prettier. Kassey's Irish heritage had given her her flaming red hair and her pale pink nipples. It had also given her a pussy that was pink and sweet and tight and tasted like cotton candy.

Peggy's Mediterranean blood had given her a plump, dark pussy that tasted like exotic spices, the contract was breath taking.

I breathed in there scents, each filled the air like wild flowers in bloom. Moving between them I encouraged them to enjoy themselves while I watched then positioned myself where I could touch them both.

I petted Peggy's thigh and tickled her plump clit while I smoothed Kassey's hair from her eyes and gave soft kisses to her eye lids and lashes. Unable to resist any longer I splayed my hands across both there pussy's and leaning in, I gently licked both of them as they grinder together.

I could tell Peggy was close and I sucked her clit into my mouth making the soft butterfly kisses with my tongue that I remembered she liked.

She began to gyrate her hips harder and I anchored her to me with my arms while she rocked and moaned until I felt her cum squirt on my chin.

Still holding her to me I began to clean Peggy's cum off of Kassey's pussy with long slow strokes of my tongue. I could taste both of them and as Peggy slipped her fingers into me from behind Kassey and I came together.

We fell into a sweaty pile of flesh and each woman pressed her flesh to me to share there afterglow like I had taught them to. I ended up sandwiched between them being held from behind by Kassey and holding Peggy in my arms.

We talked like old friends for a while as they got to know each other better. My dream girls laughed and compared there relationships to me as my sub. Both girls revealed to each other that they had never played a Dom to my Sub and joked about turning the tables on me.

When Peggy turned in my arms and began to kiss me I felt Kassey wrap her ankles around mine and turn so I laid on top of her. My legs were spread to the outside of hers and my wrists were immobilised in Kassey's strong grip.

I can imagine what Peggy felt as she saw two pussy's spread out in front of her inches apart. Kassey spread her legs wider underneath mine and my pussy throbbed with energy as I waited to see what she would do next.

In this position I watched as Peggy knelt between my legs and placed her lipsticked lip's on my pussy. From behind me Kassey was biting my neck in the sensitive hollows behind my ear.

Peggy continued to feast on me while Kassey's hands made free use of my body bringing me close to orgasm several times then pulling back and servicing Kassey's pussy while I cooled off. I could feel her nose gently nudging my ass as she ate Kassey hungrily and I could hear her sucking out her cum in gulps.

When Kassey got out the foam wedge from under the bed I meekly let them position me on it. The high wedge placed my ass straight up while my body was supported at a gentle angle down and my legs were spread wide hanging down on ether side of the wedge.

I know this position well. Kassey had spent hours like this starting with the night I had pushed back the living room furniture and served dinner to my husband picnic style. I had used her ass as a center piece holding a fresh daisy from the garden between her beautiful ass cheeks. Later we had gotten drunk off wine sipped from her pussy before we had turned her over and taken turns fucking her on the living room floor.

I heard them talking in soft voices admiring my ass and pussy exposed to there inspection and I felt soft hands caressing the exposed flesh.

I pressed my face into the bed spread and softly moaned as they I felt there hands spread my ass wider and a soft tongue lick me from pussy to ass.

The total lack of control was like a narcotic as they took turns feasting on me exploring my pussy with gentle fingers and soft tongues.

My soft cries were answered when Kassey came around in front of me and positioned her pussy in front of my face. I licked and sucked with a total loss of my usual control as my ass and pussy were thoroughly fucked by Peggy.

The pleasure started to build sweatily and I knew I was close to cumming when I felt a finger slowly slide into my ass. Peggy continued to suck on my clit as she fucked me in the ass until I felt her pull away.

I continued to feast on Kassey's pussy even after I felt Peggy return and I felt the strap on fill my ass stretching it almost painfully. As she pumped my ass she placed a vibrator on my clit and I started to cum in waves, each wave cresting and receding until I shook with the power of them.

As the last wave came I lost control and jerked my head up to scream only to have Kassey grab my hair and force my face back into her cunt. I had never came so hard or felt such raw sexual energy as I did with Peggy digging her long red nails into my back while she pounded the strap on repeatedly into my ass. My screams became whimpers muffled by Kassey's pussy as each pounding pushed my face further into her and I fought the need to breath.

The three of us made love several times that night in several different combinations. We ended the night washing each others hair in the shower then falling asleep exhausted in each others arms.

Kassey and I both look forward to Peggy visiting again.

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6/22/2006 3:45 pm

    Quoting DefBiWifie:
    I never meant for people to believe this was real, I would never place a true story like this in my blog.

    Kassey and Peggy are based on my 2 closest friends, with there permission of course, but they have never actually met.

    Kassey and Peggy, I luv you both!!!!
You've got a vivid imagination and apparently some very carnal tendencies.

The way you describe the two women ravaging you, it's as if they have the sexual appetite of a man.



"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

DefBiWifie 39F

6/21/2006 11:43 pm

I never meant for people to believe this was real, I would never place a true story like this in my blog.

Kassey and Peggy are based on my 2 closest friends, with there permission of course, but they have never actually met.

Kassey and Peggy, I luv you both!!!!

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6/21/2006 10:39 pm

Nice writing.....

It would be even better if it was true.


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

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