Jens fantasy came true  

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7/8/2006 8:36 pm
Jens fantasy came true

Ok Im a man and like most on here i 1 finger type i thought i should write about jens expereince recently as its something i felt over whelmed with arrousment and i dont have much else to do stuck working away from jen lol aww poor me so i m putting my time this morning into this here goes and its very long so is in 2 parts hope it get the guys as hard as it got me and i do ramble on so bare with me its hot i promise you that!

Jens 1st Interacial Part 1
Weve been to a few adult/ swingers parties have played a little more hardcore flirting than actually pairing of with others one fantasy Jen had always had was to experience a black cock harsh i know but its an adult sex site i can be foul mouthed lol any how i ve been working away for many weeks and have some weekends with jen we cope well phone textx internet but nothing like the real touch is there! ok so i came home for 3 nights 2 weeks ago and we had cosy friday night in and saturday we'd been invited to a smaller gathering just outside
kent. Around 12 or so couples and 5 or 6 single guys & probably 6 single girls
we got there said our hellos had drinks chatted as you do people were already playing upstairs we never arrive early for anything bad traits. Anyway we got tipsy relaxed got on great with this 1 younger couple had a little fondle & flirt with them until tthey had to leave swapped contact details then we went to have alook around and id already clocked this young black guy checking jen out or me lol was definately jen he was constantly trying to get eye contact normally the people are very upfront friendly maybe he s new to this kind of thing i kept thinking anyway we had a little look at people having fun and wasnt really up 4 getting involved probably because im away so much lately we want time together its nice i like that anyhow things can change lol we went back downstairs jen was getting more tipsy and she s a minx without but with drinks a total slut lol i know she s now at a point where shes horny wants to slope off get naughty get laid and were whispering in eachothers ears naughty things giggling laughing watching the cute ladies dancing roping in the black guy flirting outrageously with him we laugh and say what fun he s going to be having very soon etc and just then he clocks us looking he knows were talking about him & he walks on over
He looked at Jen and commented about how hot she looked And introduced himself as Jermain i could see jen had that look in her eye that look of lust desire i knew she fancied this guy rotten and i know its a fantasy she had always mentioned when fantasies came up she wanted to fuck a black guy bigtime. He was a really cool interesting guy we chatted for a while he explained he d come to party with a friend who had been on scene for years he knew what to expect as he d accompanied her before but still got the nervousness despie knowinng the deal. he made it clear he was very much attracted to jen and had been the minute he'd spotted her and i knew jen wanted to play her eyes glaze her body language altered she looked like a girl with a crush on a teacher it was seriously sexy to watch i became very aroused and surprised myself ordered some more drinks and said i needed the boys room gvin them some space i had another wander and chatted for a short time wanting them to get more aquainted. On returning jen was touching his leg and he was closer saying things close in her ears as she giggled and naturally rubbed his thigh as they chatted oblivious i was watching , the chemistry between them was amazing and i wanted this for her maybe im mellowing in my old age it just felt right, And watching her flirt and act up to him gave me an instant hard on i walked back over and they laid off the banter thinking id be insulted and i just came out with it "why dont you 2 go and play Theres a couple of private rooms back there " jen kind of shocked replied with " darling its ok were just chatting jermaines really funny babe " i whispered in her ear " I want to watch him fuck you baby" smiling at him excuse me mate jermain smiled back looking elsewhere whilst we conversed " you want this babe dont you?" She said " Its a Nice thought yes but its" "shhhh then lets do it the opportunity for your fantasy has come lets go fulfill it i need to watch tho" excitedly she said of course pullin jermain back into the discussion i mentioned jens fantasy his slightly nervy smile became a beam "really and how do you feel about a fantasy like that gary" " well to be honest didnt think it would happen but now im very much all systems go shall i go and see if that rooms still free ?" why dont we all go see said jen holding & gently
squeezing my hand as we went to find the room!! just so tyou come back 4 more lol to be continued ........................

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