A View From Home -8/20/06  

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8/20/2006 7:25 pm

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A View From Home -8/20/06

Being my first entry, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Debra and I live in southern Nevada. Henderson, Nevada to be exact which happens to be a suburb of Las Vegas. Living in the Vegas areas, people often assume that you must work in a hotel/casino in some capacity. For the most part that is the case. However, in my case I'm a secretary no where near the strip.

Living in the Vegas area is interesting to say the least. One can meet some great people and build some great friendships. However, one needs to remember that Vegas is extremely transient and people move in thinking they have found Xanadu and a year later realize the vices of Vegas have caught up with them and they need to be somewhere with less temptation.

Anyways I have always been able to recognize the balance that is necesary in living here. I rarely gamble, drink socially(nothing too serious) and have never even dabbled in drugs. Boring? Maybe to some, but to me it's just the way it is.

I am a single woman who considers herself extremely independent. I thrive of witnessing independence in others as well. In particular, I thrive off the independence of other women. I view us as a sorority and believe we are where we are today because of strength and autonomy that exists amongst us.

Based on my admiration of other women, it is probably not too shocking to hear that I am gay. I could probably discuss all the sordid affairs, but that is probably for another journal entry.....just kidding....maybe.....we'll see. That being siad I truly respect men also. However, as a female I just identify better with other females.

Anyways I am someone who enjoys experience. I love to try new foods, visit new locales and meet new people. Ah yes meeting new people. That is what brings me here. I would really enjoy building a network of friends here. People that would like to share their lives, listen to other share their lives and who knows maybe someday meet in a real life situation.

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